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What the


$3.68 for three fukin sweet potatoes.

Entry #3,160


emilygComment by emilyg - August 23, 2014, 12:01 pm
#1.69 for 3 yellow onions.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - August 23, 2014, 12:14 pm
It is getting ridiculous emilyg. Can not keep up with the food budget without additional income to balance it out.
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - August 23, 2014, 12:36 pm
SWEET POTATOES:   VL    1/2 bubskts        Orange Flesh Jumbo       12.00
                                              40 lb ctns        Orange Flesh            
                                                                         Good Quality Med   22.00-23.00
                                                                       Fair Quality Sml        18.00
                                                                              Jumbo                    20.00
I bought jumbo sweet potatoes. Between the shed prices and the retailer a markup of 110%
sully16Comment by sully16 - August 23, 2014, 12:41 pm
The ridiculous gas prices and now electric ( thanks EPA , global warming nuts, a President who helps to fuel the fire) no pun intended. Much of this adds to the cost.
We have natural forces, drought, floods, cold temps etc.
Beef is climbing higher by the minute.
I stocked up on canned chicken and beef, bought it by the case at work, can make all kinds of tasty dishes and I can get at least 3 meals from each number 5 can.
I usually do a winter stock up, I hate shopping in the cold, but now with all that's going on, Racial tensions, ebola, ISIS, and another hard winter, I have decided to make sure I have at least a years supply instead of 6 months.
Make a list of your most important needs
I made sure I have canned meat, fruits and veggies, I also got a case of chicken stock for cooking and I have 10 cases of water.
I got dried beans and store them airtight.
I do a little each week so it's not overwhelming, and keep an eye out for deals, clip the coupons and get motivated.
Because I work in a grocery store, I watch the prices climb, I can also tell you, we only have a 3 day supply of food on the shelves, if there's a mad dash, things will run out fast, heck, peak EBT day can wipe us out, but we get a truck everyday but Sunday.
You might want to consider dried eggs and soup mixes, just in case, make sure you use them before they expire.
I store my stuff by FIFO, First in first out, rotate your stock and plan accordingly.
And if your interested in a little learning adventure, get a book on all the edible plants indigenous to your area, in a pinch cat tail stalks can be eaten, they taste like cucumbers.
If your really bored, get a list on healing plants in your area and learn how to use them, Mullen for example, it's called natured toilet paper cause it's so soft, but it also helps with congestion and lung ailments. I get it at the health food store, and I can tell you having COPD, this stuff makes me breath easier, I can tell 20 minutes after a cup of hot tea, I use Michigan Honey to sweeten, see if you can get honey harvested in your area, may help with allergies.
emilygComment by emilyg - August 23, 2014, 1:39 pm
sully - good hints.

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