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2014 Election Results: My thoughts


The election is finally over.  Thank you Father Time.

As I perused the results, looking for those close races in which democrats won, I was very much pleased to see that most of the offices were won by a wide margin.  There were only a few in which the gap between the candidates was +/- 0.05%.  Of course we still have one or two run-off elections ahead which will not alter the fact Republicans are in control of Congress.

Yeah! Right! As if that means something.  Republicans may in the majority in both Houses of Congress but would that change anything?   After all, we do have RINO's walking around, pretending to be for small government, lower taxes, and all that other B.S.  Naturally they vote for the democrat agenda.  Boehner, McCain, Alexander, Corker, McConnell, et ex, reach across the aisle every change they get.  After the minority get their way, the RINO's step up to the microphone and say, "It's the best we could get".

I disagree.  "Nothing" would be a better choice than caving to the minority's agenda.  We will see what transpires over the next two years.  I am not hopeful.

My voting philosophy over the last two decades has been one of cynicism.  If I wanted a lying, two faced, back-stabbing, quisling as my Senator, I would vote democrat.

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