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lotto purchases today


Danceoh yeah i won again. not enough to write home to ma but i won. Dancemy blue boys like the parliaments. Thumbs Up

anyway i got my canadian check in the mail today!! it was for more than i thought it was going to be. i thought it was going to be just 4 dollars canadian but it was for a little more. i managed to get $10 canadian from them. so my bank will be happy to get the one check instead of a few checks. alas that is my last subscription to a canadian lottery. i have another canadian ticket but not a subscription. i will let you know next week about that ticket.

this is not the only good news i got. i got my cali check in the mail yesterday. it was what i expected to get. it would have been nice to get a few more zeros behind the $10 i got from them. so i get 2 ten dollar checks from "C" places [canada and california].

i noticed on the last powerball drawing that there was a 800,000 dollar ticket in north carolina. man i am tempted into looking at that number but i am going to wait as always. the real winner will show up and claim it saying that they worked at this shoe factory for forty years and they are going to retire now. so i wait and wait.

i did check my washington lotto and it was a loser. Blue Thinking well i did win three tickets out of three tickets the last time i checked my washington tickets. i did buy another washington lotto ticket. it was a 20 dollar ticket for one quick pick and i picked for 10 drawings.

now i was on the fence about getting a washington quinto ticket. the first place i went showed it at 860,000 dollars for a jackpot. still they had a long line. so i left there and went to a 7/11 to see if i could get the tickets there. i get in there and they had the quinto jackpot at 890,000. so after i paid for my washington lotto ticket i watched the screen behind the counter. after a short wait the real jack pot of 920,000 came up on the screen. i asked the guy when i got there if that was the right jack pot. all i got was a nod. i mean people need learn the language when they get here. arggghhh.

i was going to get a quick pick for quinto but my funds are real low and i decided not to do that. i am at the i need a job level again. i hope i can get me one when i come back from vacation. i need something or there won't be any posts until i get a job. lol. really miss calculated this last job. never doing this again.

anyway. mr power and mr mega will be taking me away from the work world. well at least i hope.

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rhowComment by rhow - August 2, 2006, 12:41 pm
star child focus on one area you just might strat winning more I'd try the pick 3/4. the odds of winning are greater even if the return is smaller and if you won more there you could invest some of these winnings in the big ones or try pooling with friends or family.
starchild_45Comment by starchild_45 - August 2, 2006, 2:16 pm
thank you for your kind comments. if you had read some of my other posts you would realize i am adamant about not playing the pick 3/4 games. i would rather moan and groan about not winning on these than to spend an inordinate amount of money on the pick 3/4 waste of time. congratulations about all the other winners who play those games. i have won once in my life but never again. arrrrrrgggghhh.

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