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Uh oh, Rush seems to have done it


Thursday Rush spent almost his entire show on the events of a deflated football.  While I found the first few minutes enlightening I soon became bored and decided to watch paint dry.

Friday, he spent the first hour about things that matter to me. The next two hours he returned to that deflated football.  I turned off the radio and 1:45pm and drove to Waffle House.

But during that one hour and 45 minutes he said something rather contradictory.  He chided the three major networks for leading off with the Tom Brady interview.  There were other, more important issues to discuss he declared.   If that were the case, why did Rush spend two hours Thursday and almost two hours Friday discussing the very same issue?  It must have been important for Rush to pontificate for 4 hours on the subject while the major networks might have spent a whole 60 seconds.

I feel Rush is looking forward to retirement rather than his next broadcast.

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jarasanComment by jarasan - January 24, 2015, 4:30 pm
Rush did go overboard speaking on the football controversy.   On the other hand depending on what networks you frequent FOX ESPN CNN HLN Aljizzeera they've spent a bit of time on it. If the pats were cheating whether they won or lost is really not the point.......it is unethical and not supposed to be happening in American football. Where are all the good guys anymore? Drugs, women beaters, and now cheating???????????? The NFL is really shooting itself in the foot (ball) pun intended)) even sports are corrupted...just like everything else.

The super bowl this year isn't going to mean much, it will be the drama this one will be remembered for. P.S. I do miss the politically incorrect predictions he used to make.
Coin TossComment by Coin Toss - January 24, 2015, 7:55 pm
He fancies himself as an expert sports bettor. I'm thinking he bet on Indianapolis along with a lot of others that are now clinging to the deflated football excuse.
They have to have something to blame it on when it turns out they were on the wrong side of a bet.
Comment by GASMETERGUY - January 26, 2015, 11:29 am
I just want Rush to return to his glory days, days when he applied his common sense to events around the world and Washington. He told us what was going on, what to look for in the future, and who was benefiting from the issue, and he was right 98% of the time.

I am also d**m tired of hearing about his book. But that is my personal issue, not his.
Comment by GASMETERGUY - March 14, 2015, 2:03 pm
I wish ole Speedy had not blocked me. Today I totally agree with what he posted and wished I could tell him so.

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