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NC Pick 4 Doubles and Mates for 10 draws


Last Edited: February 2, 2015, 11:06 pm

This will be interesting to see the outcome.

This workout is a modified version of the one I posted here on Coin Toss's thread:


As I was observing, I saw that the 0068 draw stemmed from the mate of 3885 using my new modified workout.

So I am reverse engineering to see if the 0668 will lead to


[I like this as a modified series coming off two Pick 4 draws on Sunday ending in the digit "8". Should see a series soon, but this workout gave a modified series so that is what I will focus on]

In the new workout,

The 0017 produced the 6463-6443-6433 combos from the 3rd line, with hit in larger font.

The 0068 produces:



[I'm liking the 611X and the 616X off my "water" dream. Pick 3 draws might include 611-674-614-644-677-161-116)

Hopefully the 3853 wont show its mate, but just in case:


The 0593 draw produces the following from the 4th line:



[Note to myself: I'm using the 4th line instead of the 3rd b/c the 4th line is the mate to the 3rd line on the 0068 workout.]

The 3rd line is


( 3882-3822-3823)

Gonna see if any of these doubles fall within the next 10 draws. Just testing....

Entry #658


Comment by SBIP$999 - February 5, 2015, 11:52 am
611X shows as 5161.

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