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Looking at another way to NOT pick the next draw's number for Pick 3


I’m working on another way to pick numbers that will NOT show the next draw. We are trying to systematically eliminate/reduce until our available numbers are down to 1 or 2 per position. Wouldn’t that be nice? In this strategy you take the last number drawn for example: 123.

Now ask yourself, what was the last number that followed 1 before? Let say it was 9 then you would NOT play 9 for the next draw. It’s as simple as that. Do the same for 2 and 3. I did a back test of 20 draws and the results were pretty good. Not 100% but good to try it out. Remember to back test to see how it works for you. The highlight yellows indicates that the number DID show for the next result which is what we don't want.

According to the chart above in the 1st pos. we should not see 2 and in the 2nd pos. we should not see a 9 and in the 3rd pos. we should not see a 7 for tonight. So if you take 2 9 7 and 8 3 3 from last night then you have: 1st. pos. 2,8  2nd. pos 9,3 3rd pos. 7,3.

Adding to my previous idea in my thread. This is the calculation.

This other method confirms NOT to play 2 in the 1st. pos. In addition it has 6 as well. In the 2nd pos. it give you 2,5 not to play and in the 3rd. pos. it give you 6,2. So in total you have

1st. pos. 2,8,6 leaving you with 0,1,3,4,5,7,8,9

2nd. pos. 9,3,2,5 leaving you with 0,1,4,6,7,8

3rd. pos. 7,3,6,2 leaving you with 0,1,4,5,8,9

I'm still testing so I'll see whether this is doable.

My plays for tonight are:

408,391,098 str./408,139 boxed.

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