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lotto purchases today


well i am on my jaunt across four states and the buying has begun.

i purchased a 10 draw one dollar ticket for lot o play. a crazy looking game but it has a million dollar start. i don't know what i am going to do to check this thing when it is due. it looks like a keno ticket. oh well.

i purchased a 10 draw mega million ticket here in OHIO. i am leaving today to go to michigan. anyway ohio has a kicker on the playslip. i was already to play this from what i could see off the web page. i didn't see anything about a kicker. i asked at two different stores how the kicker works when you do multiple draws and no one knew. so i said screw it and just got a normal ticket for 10 draws. driving with my relative she pointed out some gas station that had a kicker winner and the winner got 100,000. hmmm. i think it will have to be the next time i come to ohio.

well now i am vain and i like chances to get on tv. well ohio is one of the states that have scratch games that give you a chance to get on their game show. so i budgeted when coming here to get 5 tickets. their new game is called make me rich make me famous. well i got me 5 two dollars tickets and started scratching. on the 5th ticket i won 20 dollars. i was happy. Big Grin so i held onto the ticket looking for my next opportunity to cash this ticket in and get more. i only tried one place in cleveland and they didn't have it. well we were going to an amusement park outside of cleveland and needed to meet up with another family member. well the gas station meet place didn't have my game i wanted to play. since we were in two cars i drove down to the next gas station and cashed the ticket in for 10 more make me rich tickets. i drove back up to the meet spot and scratched the first ticket and the party was on.  Partythe very first ticket i scratched was a winner. not only was it a winner it was an entry into the drawing for the game show as a contestant. Hyper that was me jumping in my car. yeah baby. my sister in law didn't quite get the gravity of my win. anyway later at the park i went and scratched the rest of the tickets. i picked up another win for 2 dollars. Thumbs Up we had to meet up at the same place on the way back to cleveland. so i went back to the other gas station and cashed my 2 dollar winner in for a loser. it was a loser too. so i was going to get another ticket out of my cash i had on me. well i only had a dollar on me. they did have a dollar version of the same game and i got a dollar game. it was a loser. oh well.

well ohio gave me some wins and i am a happy camper. i hope and i cross my fingers that i get the pull for the game show. after all these years playing in cali and not even getting a chance to get a opportunity. thank you ohio. i may never get to the game show but at least i got a chance.

i see that someone came forward to claim the 800,000 2nd place prize for north carolina. well that is good for him and i am still in it there.

well it is 5:30 in the morning here and i need to go back to the room and pack up and get out of here forever. looking forward to getting tickets in michigan.

mr mega i just picked up another of your tickets here in ohio and will be getting another one in michigan. so give me a little something to help me with my bills that are growing now. mr power you can help out too because you know i am always waiting on you.




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