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Knocking at my door:Wake up! Put on new Brake Pads! $$


Last Edited: February 22, 2015, 1:13 am

Knocking at my door:Wake up! Put on new Brake Pads! $$$$
What the ?  I woke up hearing someone screaming to me....I need new brake pads! If you put them on,I will pay you!
I put my Hydraulic Jack in my car & my "Zap" gun.(Battery Impact Gun)
Drove to friend's house,jacked up his car,rotated 2 tires & replaced brake pads.
Later I helped carry some logs through the 3 feet of snow.I was wearing sneakers!
My friend received his income tax return today.He paid the landlord $1200 in rent.Big bucks spent at one time.
Got a phone call to go to Al-Dee's Grocery Store & buy celery & milk..
That was about it for today,as far as activities goes...my feet were frozen all afternoon from walking in the woods wearing sneakers.3 feet of snow.
Brake Pads=B =2   P = 16,6....=26
Hydraulic Jack=H =8,18   J=1,10  HJ=81  Too High/reverse number=18
Zap Gun=Z =26  G=7,17   ZG=??
Frozen Feet =FF = 66 =26
Neighbor paid big buck for back rent...BR=28
Numbers Drawn for Powerball...2-21=2015
   10  14  18  34  51  PB  26
10...played #1 instead of #10                               Missed
14...Hit it,played A & D for Al-Dee's grocery store.    Hit
18...Hit it.played HJ for Hydraulic Jack                     Hit
34...Missed it             C & D ??                                 Missed
51...Missed it   E & A ??                                            Missed
  Powerball (PB) 26    Hit it....FF    BP                           Hit
            Only bought 5 tickets!   Hit the Powerball on one ticket!  Hit 2 numbers on one ticket...Need Three #'s to Win.. !!
Total Won with Frozen Feet(66=26) & Brake Pads(26)= $4.00  Spent  $10   Lost $6.00....Yeah I screwed up....While my feet  were frozen,I kept telling myself......FF  66   26   Powerball.....& then to re-enforce the 26 number.....BP   2 & 16,6  26 Again....I fill out the cards & get Alzheimers !!
      I will post my daily activities before the lottery drawings...That way,you, the person reading my post can decide how to play my picks...
Guaranteed someone would have loaded up on the FF 26    Powerball with Power Play...

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