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MITCH ALBOM: Win the big lottery, spoil the marriage

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December 30, 2002
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Posted: January 12, 2005, 5:14 pm - IP Logged

Quote: Originally posted by acronym007 on January 11, 2005

Money, obtained overnight is difficlut to appreciate because you can have it all now. What that mean is that value object now becomes distorted. A hummer for any kid under 18 is absurd but if you have the money, why not? I guess the one thing we can all try to take from this it that it's not all free and easy. The path to true wealth comes from hard work and labour. Giving a child something they never earned is very dangerous, I know I would have probaly hurt someone with a SUV or Hummer at age 18, it was something I could not handle or appreciate.

I agree with this. If you have struggled and suffered many years to get to a good position in life, you have by definition gone without the latest toys and gadgets and cars and expensive trips - you have learned to live without everything you might have bought if only you had the money,and probably decided you didn't really need all those things anyway. I'm not a jackpot winner, but I think knowing how tough it is to get and save money in the real world is good experience should you be a big winner.  You can't possibly realize the how much work is involved in paying for an $8000 car if you are 17, never held a job and given a $50,000 Hummer for free.  She probably thought it was a cool car. I would think it was extravagant waste and needless showing off and what I could be doing with the $40,000 I would save by buying a $10,000 car.