N.J. Officials Warn Residents Of Lottery Scam

Aug 3, 2005, 11:33 am (6 comments)

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New Jersey Lottery officials are warning Garden State residents to beware of a scam involving letters claiming large lottery winnings.

Lottery officials have been alerted to fraudulent letters telling people that they have won $1 million from the Mega Millions Lottery.

The letter instructs the recipient to call a special phone number to claim the $500,000 they are eligible to receive.

Those who call are asked for sensitive financial information.

New Jersey Lottery officials have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and state Consumer Affairs Division.

Lottery Post Staff



It's great to see a lottery proactively reaching out to the public to prevent unsuspecting souls from being scammed.  Good for the New Jersey Lottery!!!


Maybe Indiana should follow NJ's lead.


you got that right!


How come $1 million and 500k are mentioned?


the thing that makes me angry about this is the fact that elderly people are targeted the most....


I read, somewhere, that NJ has some of the worst "lottery smart" players in the nation. They plop that dollar down whether the jackpot is minimum or or not. How do I know? I am one of those! I don't care what the odds are, a dollar for a chance at a million dollars is a better investment that $7.00 for a pack of cigarettes. Every Sunday I pick one random and one chosen ticket for the entire week. My rationale: I throw away that amount every week in coffee, candy, or chips. None of them allow me to dream.

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