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Powerball Lottery Jackpot Grows to New Record of $340 Million

Topic closed. 45 replies. Last post 12 years ago by CASH Only.

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June 5, 2002
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Posted: October 30, 2005, 1:20 pm - IP Logged

LurkingHAPPY FRIDAY.......TO ALL MY FELLOW " MM " PLAYERS...10/28/05.....

IST....Let me say once again "CHEWIE" I thorpughly enjoyed your statement of 10/15...9:45pm. It was one of the best statements you have made....and I totally agree.....it was awesome. I couldn't have stated it better, and I do not mean to sound harsh towards anyone else on here. I think there's a prinicple involved and I respect your attitude on this subject.

2nd.....I am not always able to come on-line when I want because I have many responsibilities, but I always appreciate everyone's responses to me....I must share a feeling I have regarding those among you who criticize " JACK WHITTAKER"....ok. He's not perfect, but he is basically a very intelligent Man. He makes his fair share of mistakes, but we ned to look beneath the surface of what he's all about.  He is a very successful Businessman, down in West Va....and really didnt need the powerball winnings anymore than the Senator did, who recently won..$843,000.00.  Jack, however did win, but not because he plays regularly, but because he is a Businessman, who "INVESTS HIS MONEY"....in whatever interests him, and stays within the perrimeters of his personal "world".......he has done foolish things, but nothing that leads him to Bankruptcy. He will always be "rich" because his Accountants/Financial  Advisers have sat and worked with him down to the last penny. He can afford to "throw money"..or be sometimes "reckless" w/his money. As for the incident where he left $500,000.00 in a brief case on his front seat.....I think he expected certain peole to be tempted by it, and knew they would come after it.  And, they did. Which only got them in  trouble. Jack got all the money back. He really isn't stupid. Yes, he has a "Substance Abuse Problem..Alcohol".....but millions of Americans, rich and poor have that problem. But, they do not have Jack's Money, or his Businesss Saavy, and Success.... I will always be sorry for the Loss of his Grandaughter....but that really is, to some degree a separate issue. Jack has the Business Savvy to keep him sucessful. He won the Powerball, and was intended to win.I hope all of us on LOTTTERY POST will soon be so fortunate. We do not live as Jack does, but we all have are own "foibles"....As for his arrogance, Wealth like Alcohol, makes all of us feel uninhibted at times.

But remember.....that Jack's Wealth, has done a considerable amount of good for his world down in West Va.......So,  Stop criticizing him. Let it be.


I look up to Jack more than most people on LP do. I have respect for those who believe CASH is KING.