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$6 million in Illinois lottery prizes unclaimed

Dec 26, 2005, 8:11 am

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Illinois LotteryIllinois Lottery: $6 million in Illinois lottery prizes unclaimed

If you are a regular player of the Illinois Lottery's Mega Millions or Little Lotto games, your winning ticket may be right under your nose. Or in a coat pocket in the hall closet. Or being used as a bookmark in a novel.

More than $6 million in prize money sits unclaimed — the largest being a $900,000 Little Lotto jackpot drawn Oct. 2. The winning ticket was purchased at Dempster Mobil, 4002 Dempster in Skokie, with the numbers 3-14-22-24-34.

While all of this year's Lotto and instant tickets have been redeemed, 22 Little Lotto players have yet to claim their prizes. And although Illinois hasn't had a Mega Millions grand prize jackpot all year, nine second-place prize winners have yet to come forward. Each second-prize ticket is worth $250,000.

"It always amazes me how many of our players never check their tickets to see if they've won," said Lottery Supt. Carolyn Adams.

Tickets are only valid for a year from the date of the drawing. To view a list of unclaimed prizes, go to www.illinoislottery.com and click on "unclaimed tickets," or call the Lottery Claims Office at (217) 524-5150.

Lottery Post Staff

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5 comments. Last comment 15 years ago by fja.
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Sparta, NJ
United States
Member #18330
July 9, 2005
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Posted: December 26, 2005, 10:57 am - IP Logged

If you are a regular player of the Illinois Lottery's Mega Millions or Little Lotto games, your winning ticket may be right under your nose.

What does being a regular player have to do with the failure to claim a prize?  I would be inclinded to believe the ticket was purchased by a non-regular player.  How many regular lottery player don't check their tickets? How many regular race fans don't check their tickets? How many regular poker players don't check their cards? ZERO.  Then again, the related stories option prove Illionois residents do not necessarily reflect a connection between lottery winning and intelligence.


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    fast eddie's avatar - lasvegas2
    United States
    Member #2902
    November 29, 2003
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    Posted: December 26, 2005, 11:43 am - IP Logged


    Below is a list of some high dollar prizes that remain unclaimed. Remember that prizes are only valid for one year from the date of the drawing.

    Last update - 12/16/05


    Location Ticket SoldAmount
    12/13/05Hometown Grocery
    5921 W 16th St
    Cicero, IL
    11-15-05Minuteman Citgo
    24112 Rand Rd
    Lake Zurich, IL
    1156 Dundee Ave
    Elgin, IL

    Mannheim Mobil Corp
    3201 N. Mannheim Rd
    Franklin Park, IL

    06/03/05New Twist
    2908 Springfield Rd
    East Peoria, IL
    05/13/05Kedzie L Newstand
    2620 N Kedzie
    Chicago, IL
    04/12/05Don & Chars Pkg Liquor
    121 East Adams
    Rushville, IL
    01/25/05Summit Shell
    5344 S. Harlem Ave
    Summit, IL

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      starchild_45's avatar - spherewall2
      kent, washington
      United States
      Member #3509
      January 26, 2004
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      Posted: December 27, 2005, 11:22 am - IP Logged

      these people are crazy. you can tell these are the people who hardly buy tickets and never check them. just crazy.

        New Mexico
        United States
        Member #12305
        March 10, 2005
        2984 Posts
        Posted: December 27, 2005, 7:48 pm - IP Logged

        They buy them when they're drunk and forget they bought them, maybe.  One's from a liquer store.

        The rest appear to be from gas stations and convenience stores.... maybe they just stuck them between the seats or forgot them,

        or  when they thought they were going to get stopped by a cop and tossed them out the window along with the other stuff they bought in the parking lot.

        Who knows?


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        It's about number behavior.

        Egos don't count.


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          fja's avatar - gnome1

          United States
          Member #91
          January 19, 2002
          15178 Posts
          Posted: December 28, 2005, 3:35 pm - IP Logged

          Those are Oprah's tickets