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Powerball Jackpot Raised to $178 Million

PowerballPowerball: Powerball Jackpot Raised to $178 Million

The Powerball jackpot continues to move upward.

Even though the grand prize was not awarded Saturday, two lucky tickets in Arizona and Connecticut won $800,000 each with Power Play. A total of 837,855 players across the nation won more than $9.1 million in prizes in "America's Game".

Because no one correctly matched all six numbers in Saturday's drawing the jackpot will grow to an estimated $178 million.

The cash option for the Wednesday, August 2nd drawing will be an estimated $81 million.

The numbers drawn Saturday evening were 14, 19, 26, 39, 55 and the Powerball was 29. The Power Play multiplier was 4.

Six tickets correctly matched the 5 white numbers and won $200,000. Their winning tickets were purchased in Kentucky (2), Louisiana (1), Montana (1), South Carolina (1), and Tennessee (1). The two lucky tickets in Arizona (1) and Connecticut (1), not only matched the 5 white numbers, but also purchased the Power Play option multiplying the $200,000 prize by 4 for a total win of $800,000.

Forty-two tickets matched 4 white numbers plus the Powerball and won $10,000 each.

Eight additional winners of that prize category also purchased the Power Play option, giving them a total win of $40,000 each.

More than 133,000 winning Powerball players multiplied their prize by 4 Saturday. They were able to do that by purchasing the Power Play option for one dollar. With Power Play you multiply your Powerball winnings 2-5 times, except for the jackpot. At the beginning of each drawing a wheel is spun to select that night's multiplier.

Players should carefully check their tickets after every draw. Even if there are no jackpot winners there are always tens of thousands of winners at other prize levels.

Players purchased more than $31.3 million worth of tickets between Thursday and Saturday night. The lotteries sold $2.8 billion in Powerball tickets in FY06. That translates into more than $800 million for worthwhile state projects.

Lottery Post Staff

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7 comments. Last comment 10 years ago by Kidzmom.
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United States
Member #16612
June 2, 2005
3493 Posts
Posted: August 1, 2006, 1:05 pm - IP Logged

Congratulations to Arizona and Connecticut to purchase the PP and 2nd prize winnings of $800000. I hope it continues to roll and set new roll records.

    Coastal Georgia
    United States
    Member #2653
    October 30, 2003
    1866 Posts
    Posted: August 1, 2006, 4:58 pm - IP Logged

    Question : Don't you mean congrats to the lucky ticket holders in Arizona and Connecticut that purchased the PowerPlay option , thus increasing their winnings to $800,000 rather than $200,000 ?


    Also, wouldn't you rather win it than see it roll ?








      weshar75's avatar - Lottery-042.jpg
      Mcminnville, Oregon
      United States
      Member #3013
      December 13, 2003
      3046 Posts
      Posted: August 1, 2006, 5:12 pm - IP Logged

      Well if you hear that someone in Eugene, Oregon won the powerball.  Do not assume it is me.  You can not PM me.  You can not email me either.  I will be in full party mode and the drinks will be going down nice and smooth.  The computer will be my last worry and my cell phone will be turned off.  Just remember the good times of when I could not hit the broad side of a barn with my lottery ticket numbers.  Know that now I have made the leap to the side of life were very few get to see.  Yes!  Jackpot city the streets are paved with diamonds, gold and platinum.  Soon enough!-weshar75

        bellyache's avatar - 64x64a9wg

        United States
        Member #12618
        March 18, 2005
        2060 Posts
        Posted: August 1, 2006, 5:20 pm - IP Logged

        Question : Don't you mean congrats to the lucky ticket holders in Arizona and Connecticut that purchased the PowerPlay option , thus increasing their winnings to $800,000 rather than $200,000 ?


        Also, wouldn't you rather win it than see it roll ?



        I know I'd rather win the jackpot then see it roll! lol.

        Dance like no one is watching.

          United States
          Member #1610
          June 3, 2003
          668 Posts
          Posted: August 1, 2006, 6:21 pm - IP Logged

          On Wed I think I'll go with some favorite old number sets that I haven't played for quite awhile. ...spicing them up with a few quick picks ...probably going with 60% my-picks and 40% q-ps

          good luck to all

          ... the lottery never fails to surprise!
            Raleigh, NC
            United States
            Member #40946
            June 9, 2006
            70 Posts
            Posted: August 2, 2006, 9:37 am - IP Logged

            Put me down too as a 'rather win it' instead of a 'rather roll it'.

              Kidzmom's avatar - cold
              United States
              Member #11741
              February 23, 2005
              1233 Posts
              Posted: August 2, 2006, 5:41 pm - IP Logged

              It needs to roll until it gets to 200million................ NC  will win it