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N.C. Powerball lottery winner had to disconnect phone

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Posted: October 20, 2006, 11:05 am - IP Logged

You know, I often wonder the same thing myself.  It's not like they're reinventing the wheel each time.  Why not just start out with a slate of "baseline" games? 

The people they hire to run the games are industry veterans, the contract vendors have been performing the same lotto services for years, and the technology is basically the same for every state.  Once the lottery machine is installed in retailer locations, it's just as easy to sell four or five games as it is to sell one game.

Also, it's not like lottery players in North Carolina are going to dislike any of the games like Pick 3, 4, 5, or 6.  I don't understand why it takes "lots of feedback from players saying they want a four-digit game" in order to start Pick 4 -- four or five months later no less.

Yet, all of the new lotteries go through this tortuous ramp-up phase that takes 2-3 years.  Maybe it's just the slow-turning wheels of government?

Maybe it's just the slow-turning wheels of government?

UnhappyIt's what I've said from the beginning, NC players are lucky to even have a lottery.  The Lottery Commission is brow beaten.  Every step and move for a successful lottery is still fought with opposition and controlled.  It not that they don't know how to do it.  They don't have the power to do it the right way.

You would think that the NC Lottery Commission would call the shots - but not so.  The high percentage to go to education was for sure to bring it down - written into law before it was passed.  That's the reason scratch offs are so crappy.  That wasn't a coincidence.  It was meant to hinder.  When you see NC doing stupid stuff it's money power.  They control the local government decisions that can hurt their pockets.  That's the reason it took so long to even get a lottery here.  In Mississippi we know it's the casinos that keep the lottery out.  In NC, it's was conservative old money coupled with the antics of being in the bible belt.

Look at the Logo.  It looks like the rendition of an intern.  And the drawing!Thud  An 11:22 drawing broadcasted on a crappy TV station in the LARGEST city,  which happens to be a conservative city and they want to keep it that way.  Hence - visibility.

There are two things happening with the NC Lottery,  anti-lottery people fighting with witch hunts (lawsuits bombed out) and old money calling the shots. 

Example of old money - "If you broadcast NC Lottery drawings on a particular (best and most reliable) TV station when most people watch TV, we will withdraw our money donations in certain areas in the city" "If the NC Lottery's visibility is not kept low we will withdraw our donations and support"  Hence, Powerball before pick 3.   

Sheehan knows how to do it right.  He's just in the presence of fools.  I wouldn't be surprised if he moved on.


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    Posted: October 21, 2006, 5:15 am - IP Logged

    According to Nancy Pelosi, "wealthy" is anyone making more than $150,000, so this guy definitely fits that category.

    Also, according to Nancy Pelosi, this guy has not been taxed enough.  He has not paid "his fair share".  He would qualify under "tax breaks for the rich."

    The cars he bought were his decision, so you can't say, "well he bought 3 cars, so that money doesn't count as wealth."

    Plus, the IRS does not judge wealth or income based upon your whole life.  You file taxes annually, and the amount you make in that year determines if you are wealthy.

    And yes, somebody who is WISE with that $800,000 will most definitely be wealthy the rest of their lives, because wise people invest and grow their money.

    Anyone who doesn't agree that a consistent annual income of 150 grand qualifies as wealthy needs a reality check or a better definition of wealthy.  150 grand a year is more than 95% of the country's households bring in.  Making 150 grand as a resident of NY, I'd net about 120 after taxes if I had no deductions beyond the basic exemptions.  That 's about twice the *pre-tax* household income of half of  the households in the country. It's certainly not filthy rich, but it's more than enough to live very comfortably and indulge yourself a bit.

    Of course there's a big difference between making  a lot of money one year and making a lot every year. Winning 800 grand would leave a lot more in your pocket if income averaging was still allowed.