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Maryland Lottery Countdown to Millions Raffle Winning Numbers Drawn

Jan 2, 2007, 12:34 am

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Maryland LotteryMaryland Lottery: Maryland Lottery Countdown to Millions Raffle Winning Numbers Drawn

The winning numbers for the Maryland Lottery's first-ever raffle were selected on New Year's Day, 2007.

The Maryland Lottery added the game to its product mix on November 20th with the launch of Countdown to Millions, a $20 raffle-style game.  Unlike other lottery and jackpot games, Countdown to Millions offers a limited number of tickets designed to be sold in their entirety prior to awarding prizes.

There were four million-dollar winners, and many winners of prizes ranging from $500 to $50,000.  The full list of winning numbers is posted at at:


In total, 420,000 Countdown to Millions tickets were made available for purchase, and of those, 812 are winners.

The odds of winning the $1 million top prize is 1 in 105,000, which is the best odds of winning a million dollars offered by any Maryland Lottery game.

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This is a great story. I hope they announce the winners. When is their first ever raffle in Maryland?