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Illinois Lottery makes four lucky millionaires

Mar 18, 2008, 11:15 am

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Illinois LotteryIllinois Lottery: Illinois Lottery makes four lucky millionaires

The Illinois Lottery held its second-ever Millionaire Raffle drawing yesterday, which instantly created four millionaires.

The winning numbers can be viewed at https://www.lotterypost.com/specialresults/il-lottery-raffle-2008-03-17.asp

The raffle drawing was held on March 17th — St. Patrick's Day — a day traditionally thought of as "lucky".  Four millionaires will certainly think so.

In addition to four $1 million top prizes, the St. Patrick's Day Millionaire Raffle also awards five prizes of $100,000 and 500 prizes of $1,000.

Millionaire Raffle is a raffle-style game offered by the Illinois Lottery, with a limited number of $20 tickets.  For this drawing 500,000 tickets were made available for purchase.

With so few tickets available, Millionaire Raffle offers the best odds of any Illinois Lottery game to win $1 million.

Unlike other lotto-style games, the only way to win a prize is to match one of the six-digit numbers drawn exactly.  (The numbers shown on the results page are represented as seven-digit numbers, probably because the Illinois Lottery is leaving open the possibility of larger quantities of tickets in future draws.)

Matching some of the correct digits or matching a number in a different order does not qualify for a prize.

All prize levels are paid out in cash, including the four jackpot prizes.

Winning tickets must be redeemed within one year of the drawing date.

Lottery Post Staff

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4 comments. Last comment 14 years ago by justxploring.
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May 31, 2000
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Congrats to the four winners!  I'll bet it's the best St. Patty's Day you've ever had.  Drink a little extra green beer -- you've earned it!


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    United States
    Member #59291
    March 12, 2008
    121 Posts

    millionaries? congratulations to them but what they really won is a promise to be paid 50 thousand a year less taxes right?

      New Member

      United States
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      October 28, 2005
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      Nope.  Illinois Lottery says ......

      All Millionaire Raffle prizes will be paid in one payment. Odds are based upon 500,000 tickets sold.  Overall odds of winning any prize are 1:982.32.

        justxploring's avatar - villiarna
        Wandering Aimlessly
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        November 5, 2005
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        millionaries? congratulations to them but what they really won is a promise to be paid 50 thousand a year less taxes right?

        I do agree that winning a million dollars doesn't automatically make a person a millionaire. It really depends on what the winner's net worth is at the time.  After taxes the prize isn't even close to a million, but many people either have equity in a house or own a car, have a 401K, etc. 

        I can't answer your question since I don't live in IL, but here the money is paid all at once.  Still, no matter how bad the future looks to us, getting $50,000 a year for 20 years would be a real blessing to me.

        We've had this discussion before on LP and IIRC, we all agreed that you aren't automatically a millionaire just because you win $1M.  When I think of a millionaire, I think of a person with over a million dollars in liquid assets.