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Tenn. Lottery raffle game makes 4 millionaires

Tennessee LotteryTennessee Lottery: Tenn. Lottery raffle game makes 4 millionaires

Winning Tennessee Lottery tickets worth $1 million each were sold in Manchester, Nashville, Knoxville, and Old Hickory.

The winning tickets were announced Monday evening in the lottery's first-ever drawing of its new raffle-style game, Million $ Madness.  Results are available now at:


Four $1 million prizes were doled out, along with two winners of $50,000 each and 100 winners of $500 each.

Names of the winners will not be known until they come forward with the winning tickets.

The state sold 800,000 tickets for the Million $ Madness drawing, which translates to an estimated $3.2 million in proceeds for education in the state.

Lottery officials cut off ticket sales at 800,000, the prearranged cap, at 10:32 p.m. EDT Sunday. Tickets cost $10 apiece.

With 800,000 tickets sold, ticket holders had a 1 in 200,000 chance to win $1 million.

Previously, the lottery has had 12 winners of $1 million or more in instant tickets or Powerball. The most ever won in the Tennessee game was a $25.5 million Powerball jackpot in March 2005 by Bobbi Hubbard of South Pittsburg. Hubbard, an auto parts store owner, divided the winnings among family members.

Ticketsfor Million $ Madness went on sale in January. Winners have 180 days to claim their prizes.

The Tennessee Lottery began selling tickets in January 2004. Since then, sales have raised $842.6 million for education programs, including college scholarships and pre-kindergarten and after-school programs.

Tickets are sold at 5,000 retailers across the state. In 3 1/2 years, ticket sales have grossed more than $3 billion with over $1.7 billion in prizes awarded.

Lottery Post Staff

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4 comments. Last comment 10 years ago by tntea.
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spy153's avatar - maren

United States
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December 15, 2005
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Posted: May 15, 2007, 9:03 am - IP Logged

I don't know what I got so worked up over last night, I should have known you would post them here today, Todd. Thanks.     Wink

voir-vous dans mes reves!Cool

    x1kosmic's avatar - neptune vg2.gif

    United States
    Member #48046
    December 7, 2006
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    Posted: May 15, 2007, 9:14 am - IP Logged

    Well,  it wasn't me,

    I had 2 tickets, I bought one on the first day and another, (unwittingly to me) about a month ago on Fri. the 13th. 

    I've got a funny story about that 13th ticket but mabey some other time,              .....mmmmm Three Billion in three years, you'd think they had enough money for 60 seconds, worth of commercial time,  because, for some reason they've stopped showing the regular drawings around here.  It doesn't affect me much, and lots of times I miss them on purpose, but i like seeing the balls pop around every now and then.

    Mabey it was the T.V. stations decision

      x1kosmic's avatar - neptune vg2.gif

      United States
      Member #48046
      December 7, 2006
      1699 Posts
      Posted: May 15, 2007, 9:19 am - IP Logged

      By the way... congrats if you won any thing on that deal

      Knoxville, Nashville, Cordova, and...... somewhere?

        tntea's avatar - Lottery-059.jpg

        United States
        Member #5344
        June 30, 2004
        23641 Posts
        Posted: May 20, 2007, 7:17 am - IP Logged

        It was a great rush...

        Congrats to the winners.. all  106 of them..

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