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Disabled man wins $37M lottery jackpot

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 10 years ago by sirbrad.

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November 5, 2005
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Posted: June 17, 2007, 6:43 pm - IP Logged

 If you move into an apartment and rent with that kind of money, you are an idiot

I Agree!

Maybe he was using the word "apartment" instead of condo.  My comments have appeared in the paper 3 times in my life and 3 of them were misquotes.  He might have said (or meant to say) that he'll find temporary housing in an apartment for the present time.  I can't imagine what his life would be like if he stayed in a boarding house.  I certainly wouldn't be able to sleep at night without a few deadbolts on my door and a shotgun under my bed. Plus, no matter how nice the other people are, I'm sure there'd be a little bit of resentment and a lot of "can you lend me a few bucks?" 

Speaking of that...someone tried to pry open the door to my gas tank. There are scratches all around it as if someone was trying to get it open.  Really weird!  I'm sure they can be buffed out, but.....


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    Posted: June 18, 2007, 11:27 pm - IP Logged

    If I was him, I would check in to a 5 star hotel until the check clears.  Then buy a nice 2 or 3 bedroom condo.  I wish I was him. Big Grin



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      Posted: June 18, 2007, 11:52 pm - IP Logged

      I just believe the majority of those who win huge jackpots are ill-equipped, and unprepared to handle it. They simply don't realize how life-changing that kind of money can be. Buying your own home is the one of the best investments you can make. At the very least I hope he hires professionals to give him the proper information, and hopefully they are "honest" professionals.

      That is why it "pays" to do your own homework, it will also cost you a lot less in the end.