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Record powerball lottery winner reflects on sad life

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Posted: September 17, 2007, 7:20 pm - IP Logged

Jack Whittaker seems to, even after a 6 year weird and strange ride, gotten is life together.  He doesn't seem like what has happened to him has beaten him.

Compare him to David Edwards, who only lives about 50 miles down the road in Kentucky, who isn't made of the same stuff and, when given the big bucks blew up like the space shuttle.  He, according to the latest story, either is on his deathbed in a rural KY hospital or recouperating nearby.  And broke.

Edwards turned his cash on himself.  He and his wife basically went into hyperdrive and became what their destiny had laid out.  Both had no common sense, no idea of how to handle money and major drug addictions.

Whittaker, on the other hand, went the more traditional route, knocking down liquor and chasing things in nudie bars.  While Edwards seemed happy showing off his largese, Whittaker prefered to travel around town as if he had been elected emperor.

Both took direct hits; Edwards blew his wad and did drugs.  Whittaker, had the horror of losing his grandaughter.  Plus his wife. 

Whittaker is still standing.  Edwards, on his back.  One is broke, the other glad he's not.

Some should write a book comparing these two country, rural America boys.

The smartest thing Whittaker said in the article was 'I know I can win the lottery, the other people don't think they can win'.  Guess that says something about who his.  Seems like a bit of snob to me.