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Soldier wins $1 million lottery jackpot, will return to Iraq

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 9 years ago by LottoAce.

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October 28, 2007
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Posted: March 10, 2008, 6:36 am - IP Logged

First off, no one who excercises and stands up for what they believe in is a coward.

and FTUSA...meant Forget the US Army...not the USA...

Oh, so your a Vietnam Vet?...that explains all the hate.

Look man, if you weren't such a coward why were you over there killing babies!!?....no wonder we threw trash at your ass!!

you say your a man of honor, then why don't you join up now, and go over to IRAQ and redeem yourself from the embarrassing butt whoopin you took over their in the jungles of Vietnam?

I'm a Coward?...We won dessert storm...we didn't come home with our tails between our legs and our ears lowered like the beaten dogs that you Vietnam Vets are. You humiliated an entire nation. and while the rest of the world has moved on, you Nammers keep sucking up the suds and whinning about your war stories.

What you really need is some serious counceling and high doses of prescription medication.

you want to know who really won the Vietnam War?..."the hippies" who stood up, stopped the war, promoted peace and love, and then went on to college, carears, and family, and now thier running the country!

What possible strategical, economical, or finacial gain derrived from Vietnam?

None...we shouldn't have been over there, and we shouldn't be over in Iraq...

and yes, had I have won the lottery, I would have said (FTUSA) Forget the United States Army. I'll be down in Bora Bora!!!...

"know your limitations, but excede your expectations"