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Official gets 8 years at home for rigging lottery

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February 18, 2008
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Posted: March 19, 2008, 12:56 pm - IP Logged

going to the bank and stealing 1 million dollers or buying a lottery ticket and winning 1 millions dollers are no where near each other. lottery tickets are going to be won somehow someway. but the 1 million in the bank, thats peoples money no one will win them. He was stupid for telling 2 people where the ticket is i would agree with anyboyd would say this.the very worst he couldve done is buy the ticket for himself. 

By telling these two people where the winning ticket could be purchased made this man part of a conspiracy to steal the one million dollars.They deprived every lottery playing resident of Indiana of the chance to legally win the one million dollars.It doesn't matter how much was stolen or how it was stolen or who it was stolen from,the fact of the matter is this man is nothing more than a common thief.He was caught and should have been sentenced to prison just as a car thief,burglar,armed robber or any other common thief would have been.For some reason,that is beyond my comprehension,white collar criminals seem to get off with lighter sentences.I'm guessing its because liberal,bleeding heart judges have this mistaken notion that the victims have not been hurt or that it was victimless crime.The entire state of Indiana and the Indiana Lottery are the victims in this case.This thief got off waaaaaaaay to lightly!

In most states a person that works for the lottery can NOT purchase lottery tickets.If he had bought the winning ticket for himself he would have been committing a crime,as well.