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Tenn. Lottery's Hargrove named chair of the Powerball Group

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Posted: August 3, 2009, 11:49 am - IP Logged

Yesterday,I e-mail a representative working for POWERBALL with some questions and concern. I was concern about the POWERBALL becoming a RNG game and here is their response: For your third question; we have no plans to change Powerball to an RNG.  I don’t share your concerns about RNG draws or that a large number of folks even care.  I know that RNG’s are actually more secure that physical ball machines.  It has always seemed odd to me that, because almost everyone can imagine ways to cheat a physical ball draw, they prefer that method.  But it does “seem” more transparent and I know that perception is important.  With either method, you can be assured that we do our very best to keep the drawings fair.  Again, there are no plans to change the draw mechanism.  You are correct that Rebecca has one vote in the Group.

I don't know,being an average IQ 20 years old,I wonder how can you find a way to cheat a lottery game that uses physical ball machines,can you guys fill me in?

By the way,how is RNG more secure than using physical ball machines?