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Lottery winner having a blast

Topic closed. 46 replies. Last post 9 years ago by GamerMom.

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I think Base Ball is terrible now ,though I did  like it along time ago.NASCAR was like any thing else,way better before it got to be too popular, which it has lost some of that also..NASCAR has brought about changes in engine desiens  for better economics and durability,like other racing venues have.There is more to it than running in circles..At least the lottery winner is having fun unlike the Canadian guy who was said to be unhappy with his winnings,but we do not really know how he was..

"I think Base Ball is terrible now..."


I agree, baseball needs to be changed.

They should do away with third base and just have base runners run straight from second base over the pitchers mound to home plate.

And instead of tagging the base runner, the pitcher would have to tackle him to get him out.

And they'd all be on roller skates.







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    racing cars isn't any worse than sitting on your duff pretending to shoot other people in a virtual reality. And then screaming into a headset "WHAT? WHAT? I TOTALLY HIT THAT GUY!! WHAT A N00B!!"  I get to hear this on a daily basis from both of my sons.

    Now sitting all alone in the dark shooting MONSTERS and other creepy crawlies, scaring yourself into almost peeing your pants...that's where it's at. Clown