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Retailer perspective: Selling a $254M lottery ticket

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Posted: December 14, 2011, 5:58 am - IP Logged

There's a lot of conspiracy theories going around on this win. That's all they are... theories. If this jackpot was one of the smaller ones, none of this hoopla would have even come about.

As to knowing the clerks and managers, I know them and they know me, but only on sight and NOT by name. I, along with the vast majority of people, are not on a first name basis, nor do they know the names except from the clerk's nametag IF they have one. This is especially so in cities and burbs at busy convenience stores.

In this instance, the manager recognized the photo of the winner as a regular customer and no more. Just like the clerk at the Valero I see everytime I buy my tickets there.  He would not know my name, especially since I only pay cash, but he'd sure recognize my photo as a regular customer. He does not have a nametag, so I do not know his name, but I'd recognize him in a photo. He's much too busy working to stop and chit-chat with customers and learn their names. And I'm much too busy with life than to make small talk with convenience store clerks at convenience stores I stop at because they are conveniently fast to get in and out.

I never lost my dignity over this story or anything else. Not sure how dignity got involved, or that you lost yours.

I know the woman's name at the convenience store where I sometimes buy lottery tickets.  It's Anna May. Anna May who, I dunno, and I dont care.  She's a very nice lady though. She calls me "Dear", but that aint nuthin special, cuz she calls all the men "Dear". 

Over at Dunkin Donuts there's a whole bunch of ladies workin' there.  I know a few names over there too.  But they aint got a clue what my name is, and they aint never gonna know it either.  They sell good coffee over there. Too bad they dont sell Lotto.

Now if I wuz a big PowerBall winner, and my mug was all over the TV, I betcha all them ladies would recognize my face, and they'd also finally find out what my name is.  That's why I'm sendin' my lawyer in to collect my  money when I win.

About playing the lottery --  You will lose more than you win. Until you hit a jackpot.  Then everything changes!

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    Posted: December 14, 2011, 8:59 am - IP Logged

    Uh Oh ! Shocked

    Now I have to win even more money on Friday ! Thumbs Up

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      Posted: December 24, 2011, 12:07 am - IP Logged

      I always my play my tickests at a Go Mart here. The place is usually fairly busy and i think 1 employee there calls me by first name. I dont know any of the clerks thers name but i do make small talk with 3 or 4 of tham. If i my name was announce as buying the winning ticket there since they dont know my name they wouldnt know it was me. But if they saw my picture on TV im sure any of the clerks that have been working there recently would know who i was once they saw my pictureand tell you i buy cigarettes gas and lottery tickets there.