Pennsylvania has its first Mega Millions lottery winner

May 21, 2014, 8:50 pm (35 comments)

Mega Millions

Winning ticket worth $149 million

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — Someone who bought a multi-state Mega Millions lottery ticket in Pennsylvania is millions of dollars richer.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has sold its first jackpot-winning Mega Million ticket, a $149 million prize from the Tuesday, May 20 drawing.

The winning ticket was sold at White Oak Gas & Grocery on the 1100 block of Fawcett Avenue, McKeesport, Allegheny County.

The winning ticket matched all five white balls, 10, 40, 63, 64, and 69, and the Mega Ball, 7.

The ticket has an annuity value of $149 million or a cash value of $86.1 million.

The retailer will receive $100,000 for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.

The prize must be claimed and the ticket validated before Lottery officials can identify the winner. Pennsylvania Lottery Mega Millions winners have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes.

CBS, Lottery Post Staff


whiteballz's avatarwhiteballz



Here's hoping it's not a politician. 

Congratulations are in order.


ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

Congrats to the winner! Smile

golfer1960's avatargolfer1960

I hope Dpoly won it. He's been calling this one for a long time.

PA Lottery

rdgrnr's avatarrdgrnr

Quote: Originally posted by golfer1960 on May 21, 2014

I hope Dpoly won it. He's been calling this one for a long time.

PA Lottery

Me too.

And if there's one thing Dpoly knows for sure in this old life, I hope it's this: I love ya man.

dr65's avatardr65

wow..wasn't me. But wtg to the winner! Good to see it happening in PA.

lottoguysocal's avatarlottoguysocal

Congratulations to the winner whoever he or she may be.  May you be blessed for the rest of your life and spend the money wisely!


Bring the old matrix back.  This new system ain't working.  No higher payouts and taking too long for nothing.  I ain't playing MM for a few months now.

Rman313's avatarRman313

Theres also a million dollar PB jackpot winner from Penn tonight! Congrats to that winner also!Party

pickone4me's avatarpickone4me

First MM win for the year, is that what they mean?

pickone4me's avatarpickone4me

I just looked at the MM page, and it is the 1st.  However they have won power ball more then a couple times.

sully16's avatarsully16

Congrats to the lucky winner.

IPlayWeekly's avatarIPlayWeekly

Awesome... I can guarantee whoever the winner is isn't at work right now, enjoy your new life

Gleno's avatarGleno

Pennsylvania is a big state and know it has lots of players. It's surprising to read that PA has finally had its first MM winner. 

Congrats to the winner in McKeesport in Allegheny County, PACoffee

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