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$136M Powerball winner sued for 'dooring' cyclist

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Posted: June 29, 2015, 5:04 am - IP Logged

"He (like every other cyclist) likely just expected the person in the cab to follow the law and not unsafely open the door."

I don't expect the other drivers to follow the law driving in my SUV, but there is no comparison to which is much safer in a minor crash. And I still can't see how a bicyclist can prove somebody in the car opened their door unsafely.

"Cyclists have to deal with almost the exact scenario every single day, it's just that usually the person in the vehicle is following the law and paying attention to their surroundings."

If a bicyclist is that much danger every day, why do it? Just saying.

You keep saying "obeying the law", but unsafely opening a car door is actually deliberately dooring a bicyclist. Saying they looked, but didn't see the bike when a bicyclist can't prove they didn't hardly makes the person in the car at fault.

"Basically, it's annoying to see cyclists get treated as second class citizens and be blamed for following the law."

To me it looks like the bicyclist expect more than the four wheel vehicles that pay licenses, registration fees, and tax on gas. What I can't understand from this topic and video I watched is why neither bicyclist called the police and went directly to the hospital.

So you don't expect other drivers to follow the law when you drive? That must mean, then, that when you drive through a green light or an intersection where you don't have a stop sign, you stop anyways just in case one of the cars required by law to stop, doesn't stop?

And to prove someone opened the door we just have to look at one thing: did they open the door into traffic? If the answer is yes, as it is in this article, then you have your proof that they opened the door unsafely. It's that easy.

As for why cycle every day? Because there's a danger involved with many things people do every day and not everyone is paranoid? Taking public transportation is a danger every day to people, risking theft or assault, yet they do it. As mentioned above, motorists have to deal with the very real danger every day that someone will crash into them. Though dooring happens often, it doesn't happen to everyone and many bicyclists go just as long as people in motor-vehicles without having an accident.

And no, "unsafely opening a car door is actually deliberately dooring a cyclist" is incorrect. To deliberately door a cyclist the person would have had to check traffic, realize the cyclist is coming, then make the choice to open the door onto him. Unsafely opening a door is accidentally dooring a cyclist, but an accident caused by the carelessness of the motorist opening the door.

And saying if the person looked and didn't see the cyclist, but still accidentally doored the cyclist, that it isn't the motorists fault, I have to disagree with that (just as the law regularly does). If you are in your car at a stop light and attempting to turn right (assuming your state legally allows that), and you look left but don't see anyone, then turning right you get hit, you don't get out of blame just because you failed to see the other person. If you are backing up in a parking lot and accidentally hit a vehicle you didn't see in your mirror, it's not okay to dodge blame because you missed seeing that vehicle.

Yep, cyclists often expect much more from motorists... mostly that they follow the law and stop driving in the bike lane, stopping in the bike lane, and to not practice general disregard for safety by opening their door into traffic without checking to first make sure it's safe. But again, as you say, cyclists don't have to pay those taxes so I can see where motorists might have a grudge against cyclists (as at least a few on here do).

As I've said numerous times, people are different. Not everyone feels the need to get police involved in everything. I've been in a handful of fender benders (none caused by me) and none of them the police were called. Many cyclists get doored and don't call police or an ambulance. People get robbed, assaulted, threatened, and shot at without calling police, or an ambulance. Not calling the police has zero bearing on whether or not something illegal or against the law happened. Here's a suggestion to you, stop trying to understand why people that aren't yourself do the things they do. You're rarely going to know, because as I've said before and I doubt this is the last time you need to be told, everyone is different, and nobody is going to act exactly like you.