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Chinese media reports plans to restart online lottery sales

Apr 17, 2016, 10:29 am

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InternationalInternational: Chinese media reports plans to restart online lottery salesRating:

Chinese media is reporting that the government plans to restart its online lottery operations after ordering their suspension over a year ago.

This weekend, the Economic Observer quoted an anonymous industry insider saying that Beijing authorities were preparing to authorize a trial of a new online lottery regime, but only after the government crafts the necessary regulations. The source offered no timeline for when these new regulations might be ready.

Beijing ordered a 'temporary' suspension of online lottery sales in March 2015 after government audits turned up widespread evidence of fraud by officials at provincial lottery administration centers. (See China reveals misuse of $2.7 billion in lottery funds, Lottery Post, June 25, 2015.)

The suspension contributed to the 3.8% decline in China's lottery sales in 2015.

No company was ever officially approved to sell sports and welfare lottery tickets online in China, although the government had allowed two companies — 500.com and Sporterry.cn — to participate in an online pilot program.

The lack of authorization didn't stop numerous other Internet businesses, including Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent, from offering online lottery sales. The suspension has cost all these companies, but 500.com has been hit hardest, reporting three straight quarters of zero revenue.

Last month, Hong Kong-listed lottery technology firm AGTech Holdings issued its annual report, in which CEO Sun Ho said he expected Beijing to approve "new online and mobile channels for lottery sales" this year. Last October, Chinese lottery operator DJI Holdings announced that it had received approval for a field trial of a mobile sports lottery app in Quingdao City in Shandong province.

Lottery Post Staff

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4 comments. Last comment 5 years ago by LiveInGreenBay.
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music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
USN United States Navy
Fresno, California
United States
Member #157851
August 2, 2014
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 At least they caught the fraud in March 2015. 

 Trust in lottery playing is essential. I hope that China has corrected their mistakes. 

 I do love Chinese food. Yum Yum!Wink

 "We are all in this together!" 

    cbr$'s avatar - maren
    United States
    Member #104478
    January 15, 2011
    11420 Posts
    Hope they founded the cure for widespread fraud. Other wise it only be
      Groppo's avatar - cat anm.gif

      United States
      Member #162626
      January 7, 2015
      780 Posts

      Man, I would certainly fear ANY kind of mishandling of anything in China, sort of like thinking about what could be the punishment in N. Korea.

      Or, has China "laxed off" it's reputation as a cold, iron-fisted ruler?

      • Don't chase the numbers you play.
      • Play only numbers you've already played, plus however many random picks.
      • But, ALWAYS the regular numbers you play.  This will make you a winner, not a chaser.
                 (so far, though, I've yet to win any significant lotto prize)
      • Oh, but always know where your tickets are, as well as your ticket's deadline.
        LiveInGreenBay's avatar - driver
        Green Bay
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        October 15, 2015
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        When the Chinese find someone involved in government fraud, its the firing squad.  Here, they give them a better job.

        Never give up.  Banana