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Ireland Lottery advertising claims under scrutiny
The Ireland Lottery has been told by an ad standards body to be clearer over claims that 90 per cent of National Lottery money goes back into the community. The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland welcomed Lotto chiefs' vow to to include a qualification, about the reinvestment of unclaimed prize money in future similar advertising after a complaint by an Oireachtas Committee. The television ad in question featured a shopkeeper and a customer. When the customer placed her lot
Jan 24, 2024, 10:51 am - Lottery News

Australian lottery winner sues daughter
Claims she overwhelmed him into gifting part of $1 million jackpot By Kate Northrop A would-be happy celebration of a $986,212 (US$661,142) jackpot turned into a drawn-out legal battle after an Australian lottery winner sued his daughter for allegedly pressuring him into sharing some of the winnings with her. Things started going his way when Queensland resident William John Bampton, 92, won a nearly $1 million Australian Lottery jackpot, but he eventually found his family in pieces
Jan 16, 2024, 8:37 am - Lottery News

Ukrainian refugee wins €500,000 in Belgium Lottery
Winner who fled war-torn home country finds a bit of luck elsewhere By Kate Northrop A Ukrainian refugee won 500,000 (US$537,783) from a scratch-off ticket, the Belgium National Lottery announced on Monday. An anonymous refugee who fled war-torn Ukraine found a bit of luck in Belgium, where he won 500,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. On May 16, the nameless winner, who withheld his identity from the public as is allowed by Belgium Lottery gaming policy, has been living in B
Jun 12, 2023, 1:48 pm - Lottery News

VIDEO: May's Weekly Roundup in lottery news
Cashier steals a $3 million winning lottery ticket from customer will this end well? By Kate Northrop Today, Lottery Post published a new installment of the Weekly Roundup series featuring some of the most prominent lottery stories in the month of May. This month has seen a wide variety of notable news, from feel-good winners' stories to instances where winning the lottery might come with a negative consequence. One instance saw an Australian man win $15 million in the lottery an
May 26, 2023, 2:10 pm - Lottery News

Canadian woman "calls in rich" to work after winning $1 million in the lottery
Winner adds one more Lotto win to the family By Kate Northrop A Canadian woman won a $1 million (US$732,145) lottery prize one week after leaving one of her two full-time jobs and was too excited to go into work the next day. A lottery winner who left one of her jobs to spend more time with family called in rich to her other job the morning after she won $1 million in the lottery. Jamie Sullivan of Saint John, N.B., couldn't think about much else besides the fact that she was hol
May 14, 2023, 5:51 pm - Lottery News

Online credit card purchases to be banned for Australian gamblers, except for the lottery
Lotteries present a low risk to gambling harm. By Kate Northrop Australians may soon not have the ability to use credit cards for online betting, except for lottery purchases. A new legislation is being proposed by the Australian federal government that would prevent gamblers from placing online bets using a credit card unless they are for the lottery. The new law, expected to be introduced by the government within months, calls back to a parliamentary inquiry from 2021 that rec
May 12, 2023, 8:46 am - Lottery News

Bankrupt builder to stand trial, accused of concealing $15 million lottery win from creditors
$15 million lottery windfall creates problems where it would otherwise solve them By Kate Northrop A bankrupt builder turned lottery winner is accused of intentionally failing to disclose a $15 million (US$10.14 million) Australian lottery windfall from creditors and faces trial and a possible prison sentence. Former builder Terry Woodall won $15 million playing X Lotto in the Australian Lottery, but rather than make his life easier, the prize has created a situation that landed him
May 9, 2023, 6:18 pm - Lottery News

New UK Lottery operator Allwyn sets sights on Irish National Lottery
Allwyn Entertainment plans to bid for majority stake in Ireland Lottery By Kate Northrop Allwyn Entertainment, the new operator of the UK National Lottery, is planning to place a bid for a majority stake in the Irish National Lottery and expand its hold as Europe's largest lottery group. Now the biggest lottery operator in Europe, Allwyn is setting its sights on the Ireland National Lottery and is expected to enter the race to buy a majority stake. In March, Allwyn completed its
May 3, 2023, 10:49 am - Lottery News

VIDEO: February's Weekly Roundup in lottery news
Ontario's youngest jackpot winner needed just one ticket to win literally By Kate Northrop Today, Lottery Post published the latest installment of the new Weekly Roundup series featuring some of the most prominent lottery stories in the month of February. If you frequent Lottery Post's homepage or Lottery News forum, chances are you've seen quite a few notable stories this month, such as the one about Ontario's youngest jackpot winner ever who recently won a $48 million (US$35.6 mill
Feb 19, 2023, 5:48 pm - Lottery News

Australian woman ignores calls from the Lottery about $40 million jackpot win
Winner sends calls from the Lottery to voicemail, believing it to be a scam By Kate Northrop An Australian woman ignored multiple calls from the Australian Lottery when they tried to let her know of a $40 million (US$27.7 million) Powerball jackpot win. An elusive lottery winner thought that the incoming calls from The Lott were a scam and subsequently sent them to voicemail, unaware that she had become a multi-millionaire. Myself and the team at The Lott were ready to speak with
Feb 3, 2023, 4:20 pm - Lottery News

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