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Trial set to start for 3 people charged in $2M Hoosier Lottery scam case

Apr 24, 2017, 9:57 am

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Indiana LotteryIndiana Lottery: Trial set to start for 3 people charged in $2M Hoosier Lottery scam caseRating:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A jury trial is scheduled to start Monday in the case of three people accused of trying to bilk the Hoosier Lottery out of $2 million.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry will handle the case.

In 2015, police arrested Jackie Parsley II, Joseph Parsley and Ashlee Campbell Parsley in connection with the scam. They're accused of falsely redeeming a lottery ticket from a Plainfield liquor store owned by a relative of Jackie and Joseph Parsley.

(See 3 face charges in Indiana Lottery scam, Lottery Post, Apr. 24, 2015.)

Ashlee Campbell Parker said she purchased the ticket from the store in October 2014. It ended up being worth $2 million — the top prize for that game.

Investigators began looking into the case after the estate executor of the liquor store, which was being sold, noticed that the woman had claimed the $2 million winning ticket. At the time, Campbell was engaged to Joseph Parsley. The estate executor noted that no one informed him about the winning ticket.

Investigators said video evidence showed that the Jackie Parsley activated a pack of stolen scratch-offs at the liquor store. The pack included the winning $2 million ticket. Since the store was being sold at the time, the lottery terminal was inactive. However, Jackie Parsley had asked the lottery to reactive the terminal shortly before the ticket was redeemed, according to court documents.

Indiana law prohibits family members from buying lottery tickets from stores owned by relatives. State law also prohibits a retailer or employee of the retailer from buying tickets from a business authorized to sell lottery tickets.

Police arrested them in 2015 after an investigation by the Hoosier Lottery Security Division and Marion County Prosecutor's Office's Grand Jury Division.

Charges against the trio include corrupt business influence, theft, forgery, money laundering, unauthorized purchase of a lottery ticket by a retailer and perjury.

Police seized three pickup trucks, two SUVs and a box trailer in the case. They also froze a bank account worth $550,000 and a home under construction in Putnam County. A separate civil forfeiture action was also filed.

The liquor store was sold and now operates under a new name and management.

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Would they have gotten away w/ this in a state that allowed buying tix from a store owned by a relative ?

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     With this on their records, they will not be working in retail anymore. No No

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      Do the crime...do the time.

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        Well they are not getting away with it. I didn't know IN. State law prohibits
        the retailer or the employee of the retailer from buying tickets from a busi-
        ness authorized to sell lottery tickets. This mean even if they wanted to play
        they couldn't purchase a ticket at another store or vending machine. WOW!