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2 found guilty, 1 acquitted in $2 million Hoosier Lottery scam

Apr 28, 2017, 9:40 am

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Indiana LotteryIndiana Lottery: 2 found guilty, 1 acquitted in $2 million Hoosier Lottery scamRating:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A Marion County jury has found two of the three persons accused in a $2 million scam involving a bogus winning Hoosier Lottery ticket guilty on multiple counts, while a third defendant was found not guilty.

Found guilty Wednesday were Ashlee Campbell Parsley, 30, and her brother-in-law, Jackie Parsley II, 35.

Meanwhile, the charges against Joseph Parsley, 32, Ashlee Parsley's husband and Jackie Parsley II's brother, were dismissed by Marion Superior Court Judge Grant W. Hawkins prior to closing statements in the three-day trial.

Among their purchases with their ill-gotten gain, the Parsleys bought a home at Heritage Lake in Putnam County where two of the defendants were arrested in April 2015.

"We were pleased to secure these two convictions in Marion County on behalf of the state," said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, who prosecuted the case with Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Harrison. "Our office is committed to investigating and prosecuting white collar crime, and we appreciated the opportunity to work with the Hoosier Lottery on this case."

Greencastle native Sarah M. Taylor, executive director of the Hoosier Lottery, praised the verdicts.

"We are grateful for the diligent work of the prosecutor and his staff and their efforts to work with the Lottery's security office in this case," Taylor said. "We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the Hoosier Lottery for all of our players."

Jackie Parsley II and Ashlee Parsley were each convicted Wednesday of the following charges:

  • False passing of a lottery ticket (Level 5 felony).
  • Theft (Level 5 felony).
  • Five counts of money laundering (Level 6 felony).

Ashlee Parsley was also convicted of perjury (Level 6 felony) for asserting under oath on the Hoosier Lottery's Winner Claim Form that the purchaser of the of the ticket was not prohibited by law from purchasing a lottery ticket. Indiana law prohibits a retailer or employee of the retailer from purchasing lottery tickets at the premises where the retailer is authorized to sell tickets.

A joint investigation between the Hoosier Lottery Security Division and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office Grand Jury Division began in November 2014 when the estate executor for the late owner of Parsley's Liquor reported his suspicions to the Hoosier Lottery. The store has since been sold and now operates in Plainfield under a new name and owners.

Parsley's Liquor was at one time an authorized Hoosier Lottery retailer, but that license was not renewed in 2014. The scratch-off ticket dispensers had been removed, and the lottery terminal was deactivated by the Hoosier Lottery.

The estate executor told investigators he learned there had been a winning lottery ticket sold from that business. When he researched the information, he found Ashlee Campbell — known to him as the fiancée of Joseph — had claimed the jackpot of a "100X The Cash" scratch-off game with the top prize of $2 million.

The investigation determined on Sept. 26, 2014, a pack of Hoosier Lottery scratch-off tickets containing one of the game's top prizes was activated by Jackie Parsley II at Parsley's Liquor on the store's newly reactivated terminal.

Between Sept. 26 and Oct. 5, seven tickets from the same pack were redeemed for amounts ranging between $20 and $50 at other Hoosier Lottery retailers. On Oct. 3, 2014, Ashlee Campbell redeemed the lottery ticket with the top prize of $2 million. Video surveillance viewed with the assistance of the U.S. Secret Service computer forensic examination unit confirmed the timeline of events.

A sentencing hearing for Ashlee and Jackie Parsley II is scheduled for June 1 at 1:30 p.m. in Marion County Criminal Court 5.

A separate civil forfeiture action remains pending on cash and property believed to be purchased with the fraudulently claimed lottery winnings. A house at Heritage Lake, four vehicles and approximately $620,000 from two bank accounts were seized during the investigation.

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December 12, 2012
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Looks like the Authorities identified Ashlee as the lynchpin to this scam. She & her brother in law are going to look great in orange jumpsuits.

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    United States
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    March 12, 2015
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    I understand that they (1) committed perjuy when they claimed jackpot, but what else did they do? 

    (2) Obtain a book from a retailer no longer authorized to sell scratchers? 

    (3) Not pay for the book of scratchers?

    (4) Money laundering?

    (2) & (3) are not crimes of the century but where was the money laundering?

      music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
      USN United States Navy
      Fresno, California
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      August 2, 2014
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       The Hoosier State is keeping their Lottery honest and above board. Protecting the game!Dance

       "We are all in this together!" 

        Richmond Texas
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        October 13, 2009
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        I understand that they (1) committed perjuy when they claimed jackpot, but what else did they do? 

        (2) Obtain a book from a retailer no longer authorized to sell scratchers? 

        (3) Not pay for the book of scratchers?

        (4) Money laundering?

        (2) & (3) are not crimes of the century but where was the money laundering?

        The same questions are whirling around my head plus how was the ticket bogus?