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Four NJ companies roll out sports betting as NFL season kicks off

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December 12, 2012
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I really doubt the California Lottery or any other state lottery will be running sports books nor will they have their "23,000 lottery retailers" taking bets on football or any other sporting events. Some or all of the AC casinos might sell NJ lottery tickets and maybe they will move their lottery terminals into their sports book, but that is the only connection between the lottery and those casinos.

I Agree! Stack, l think they too busy collecting outrageous revenue from their games that are already out there at present, that they quite content with the way things are. It's the motto " don't fix something that's not broke."

On a side note: Went by a local store today to " collect" on my superlotto plus win from last night's drawing, not much, just $10.00  on a dollar wager. This clerk who scanned the ticket opens the cash register and holds onto my 10, and says " Don't you want to buy tickets for Tuesday & Wednesday night while you here?" And l said "No, l just want my money, and he says, are you sure?" I didn't say a thing for probably 5 seconds before he handed me my 10. Then l got to thinking, l wonder if the owner has enforced a rule of " try to prevent at all costs,money going out." Weird!

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