US woman convicted in Jamaican lottery scam to remain jailed

Dec 5, 2018, 2:28 pm (8 comments)

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NORTH DAKOTA — A federal judge in North Dakota on Monday ordered a Rhode Island woman convicted of funnelling lottery scam money between the US and Jamaica to remain jailed pending a February sentencing hearing, where she could face a stiffer sentence than the alleged mastermind.

"Her hands were all over the conspiracy" that authorities said bilked at least 90 mostly elderly Americans out of more than $5.7 million, US District Judge Daniel Hovland said at the end of a contentious detention hearing in which Melinda Bulgin, 28, of Providence, Rhode Island, verbally sparred with him and Assistant US Attorney Jonathan O'Konek.

Hovland at one point admonished Bulgin for interrupting, and he also said Bulgin "has displayed a bit of an attitude throughout this entire process". Bulgin said she was nervous, and defense attorney Chad McCabe called her "very emotional".

A jury in September convicted Bulgin, of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering, in what is believed to be the first large-scale Jamaican lottery scam tried in US courts. Authorities identified victims in numerous states, including at least one person who committed suicide. It's being prosecuted in North Dakota because that's where the initial identified victim lives.

A Government filing in October suggests the appropriate sentence for Bulgin under federal guidelines is life in prison. O'Konek said in an interview that the document is meant only to give the judge an idea of what sentencing guidelines might apply. The actual recommendation he will make, likely in January, "will be lower than life", he said.

His filing indicates her sentence might still be higher than for Lavrick Willocks, who authorities say was the kingpin of the operation. He pleaded guilty in July 2017 to conspiracy in a deal with prosecutors. The Government's initial suggested sentencing range included a maximum of just under 20 years, and O'Konek ultimately recommended six years and three months. Hovland, in October, sentenced Willocks to six years.

Most of the 27 defendants took plea deals, but Bulgin fought the charges so she isn't getting credit from the Government for accepting responsibility.

"I don't think she should be punished for exercising her right to trial," McCabe said in an interview. "I think it's unfortunate the federal sentencing guidelines encourage people not to go trial."

Bulgin was accused of collecting money and funnelling it between the US and Jamaica via cheap flights she got through her airline job. She eventually was caught at a Jamaican airport in 2015.

Hovland said Monday that Bulgin had failed to prove she wasn't a flight risk.

"She's looking at significant time, no doubt about it," he said.






Lock her up!


if shes guilty then jail her,

music*'s avatarmusic*

Those Federal judges and prosecutors do not mess around. They take the victims accounts seriously. Smash

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Commit the crime. Be prepared to do the time! Dupe AlertNo No Dupe AlertBash

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It's very sad to hear an elderly person lost enough money to drive him or her to suicide. This is from the US DOJ press release on the case:

Top Jamaican law enforcement officials emphasize that lottery scamming has directly led to a dramatic increase in violent crime – including murder, shootings, and extortion - in Jamaica, as rival scammers battle one another over the names of potential victims and profits.


Speaking of scams, has anyone else been getting the new scam calls from people claiming to be from social security? I got two today before lunch. They spoof the actual 1800 number of SS.


A feel good story for this scammer.  She's so young and probably did wrong most of her adult life.

Merry Christmas in jail.  With her attitude she thinks she is innocent.  Tell that to Sally and cellmate Mary (facetious).

Have absolutely no pity on you. Hope somebody gets part or all of their money back.  To me that is the sad part in the end.


North Dakota should be the last step in stopping this women from hurting anymore people! Put her away and throw away the key...

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