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UK store clerk steals thousands in lottery scratch tickets, wins nothing

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March 13, 2017
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Stole rolls of Lottery tickets and didn't win a single penny... Sounds like the lottery has some explaining to do as well.

LOL to you, shy LOL ikr!(i know right) lol

my friend was hearing about this and him and sister over here tonight my house  goes,

"Cassie, hmmm, sound like the uh- ummm lotto dept. over there really has some explainin' to do LOL,  then i am reading you're saying same. small world... lol 


and btw, some crime(s)do pay. many who robbed a bank,got away wit' it, as i see many stories on this, living' large,good, and low-key, doing well etc., was never even caught!#smh but they got away wit it, so to some, (smarter robbers it do pay.)by what i read online and hear on news how some bank robbers were never caught,still aren't.

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    To all Lottery ticket thieves.   Please stop, OK?

    • Don't chase the numbers you play.
    • Play only numbers you've already played, plus however many random picks.
    • But, ALWAYS the regular numbers you play.  This will make you a winner, not a chaser.
               (so far, though, I've yet to win any significant lotto prize)
    • Oh, but always know where your tickets are, as well as your ticket's deadline.
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      October 29, 2015
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      Some lottery sellers use a dedicated register for lottery ticket sales. They also tally up at the end of the night or after each shift. They would know if $5 was short right away. 

      How could this guy get away with so much without the store knowing? What?

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        June 5, 2003
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        Now he knows how people in North Carolina feels about the sorry scratch offs.

        Taking it one drawing at a time.

          Chasing $ Millions.
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          December 12, 2012
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          " He is filled with shame and regret." 

          However, others may thank him for helping them save money by not buying worthless scratchers.

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            March 7, 2015
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            That's why I don't play the odds I play the probabilities.

            If you play expecting a particular number to "break" it will break you.

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              February 25, 2016
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              Some lottery sellers use a dedicated register for lottery ticket sales. They also tally up at the end of the night or after each shift. They would know if $5 was short right away. 

              How could this guy get away with so much without the store knowing? What?

              You don't need a dedicated register. Just run the reports -- total lottery sales, cigarettes, gasoline, etc. Then do inventory. Apparently this store didn't believe in doing inventory.

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                January 9, 2018
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                A debt-ridden Scottish store clerk stole £1,500 (US$2,000) worth of lottery scratch tickets from the store where he worked, and didn't win a single penny.

                Andrew Lochrie, 28, helped himself to rolls of the National Lottery instants games from the supermarket where he worked hoping to clear mounting debts.

                But over the course of his crimes, between August 1 and October 24, 2017, Lochrie won nothing — which a judge told him was "a lesson".

                Lochrie worked at the Co-op supermarket on Shore Street, Gourock, Scotland, and eventually admitted to his employers what he had done.

                He pleaded guilty at Greenock Sheriff Court.

                Defending, Edel McGinty said, "There was an investigation within the workplace and he made full and frank admissions to his employers. He is filled with shame and regret.

                "It is not lost on Mr Lochrie that he was in a position of trust. This was an act of desperation at a desperate time."

                Sheriff Andrew McIntyre said, "That is a lesson in itself that £1,500 worth of scratchcards didn't yield anything. This was a hopeless attempt by you to address your problem.

                "You were in a position of trust. This offence crosses the threshold for prison but the social work department has made it plain that you are suitable for a community-based disposal."

                Lochrie, who now has a job elsewhere, was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

                He was also ordered to repay the Co-op £1,500 in compensation.

                I hope he doesn't have any plans to visit the US! Niw that he has a criminal record, he won't be allowed into the country. That is also a good lesson for him.


                  New Zealand
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                  September 29, 2016
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                  I agree. If the statement was just from him "and I didn't even win a penny!", and not the lottery, it might be him trying to get compassion, and it appears to have worked. In America, if you steal $2,000, you are going to jail. Even just 30 days would be better than that slap on the wrist. But it's Europe where they feel sorry for stupid people.

                  In the state of Texas, every roll of scratch-offs has a guaranteed number of winners. It's posted on their website. If this lottery simply prints winners at random, then there's a chance that every stolen scratch-off was a loser, but it's highly unlikely, so I'm sticking with my theory that he's not only a thief, but a liar as well.


                  How much does 30 days in jail cost the state?


                  And what do you hope to achieve by sending the person to jail? This guy is considered "unlikely to reoffend". sending him to jail is just likely to teach him new ways of stealing and make dubious new friends.. Keeping him out of jail is a positive for society..

                  As for the punishment.. (1) he now has a criminal record. (2) he has to pay back the 1500 pounds (3) he must complete 200 hours of approved "community service" (what it is called in NZ) inside the next 9 months.. that essentially means most of his Saturdays over the next nine months.


                  If he fails to pay the money, and fails to complete the community service, he can be called back to court and can be sentenced to jail (the feeling would be.. we gave you the easy option, your failed ot hold up your end, "Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go"...