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Australian man wins lotto jackpot twice

May 6, 2019, 7:53 am

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InternationalInternational: Australian man wins lotto jackpot twiceRating:

A Melbourne, Australia, man is busy counting more than $46 million after he won the top prize in Oz Lotto — twice.

The St Albans man had forgotten he had two entries in Tuesday's $70 million draw, each marked with the same numbers.

"I'm speechless. I can't believe it," he told officials, who alerted him to his double bounty.

Both tickets had the same marked numbers which he'd been playing for 30 years.

"I play every week. I have always marked my entries, but I have never chosen the numbers on anything in particular. They weren't special before, but they are now," he said.

The man had knocked off work when he discovered his unusual win.

He said he was planning to share his winnings with family, but had to think about what to spend it on.

"I might think about retiring. First maybe a new home or a holiday," the winner said.

Another mystery winner netted more than $23 million in the draw, after buying a ticket in Hobart.

The unregistered ticket was sold at Hobart City Lotto at Argyle Street, but the winner cannot be contacted.

"Imagine discovering you're a mid-week multi-millionaire!" The Lott spokeswoman Bronywn Spencer said.

She urged Oz Lotto players to check their numbers.

Thanks to dannyct for the tip.


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3 comments. Last comment 1 year ago by maximumfun.
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United States
Member #163184
January 22, 2015
2289 Posts

Tax free and anonymity!   Congratulations to the lucky winner...was it our Australian LP friend?

    music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
    USN United States Navy
    Fresno, California
    United States
    Member #157851
    August 2, 2014
    3959 Posts

    More than $46 MILLION Australian dollars!! Congratulations to the St. Albans man. 

     I would retire, buy a home, and a car. Invest wisely. Party

     "We are all in this together!" 

      maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

      United States
      Member #124612
      March 16, 2012
      3713 Posts

      The only thing better than winning?  winning twice when there are multiple players!  so his share went from 50% to 67-ish%.  Nicely done!