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South Carolina man wins $10 million lottery prize during lunch break

Topic closed. 20 replies. Last post 3 years ago by sweetie7398.

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October 28, 2009
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Best lunch ever, congrats to the lucky guy.Party

Happy National Paul Bunyan Day  Leaving

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    Fresno, California
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    August 2, 2014
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    music*, was hoping it was you that had the five #'s in CA last night.  The ticket actually paid out better than the Megaplier of two, just over $2.5 million.  Now onto 444.

    The ticket was purchased in Los Angeles County. In South El Monte.

     Good Luck with 444.

     "We are all in this together!" 

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      March 26, 2012
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      The Cat is out of the bag ( name , picture , etccc ) wrong mistake .

      Some people just doesn't learn !!!! So much for his privacy !!

      Never tell a sole you won the lottery  . 

      The less you anybody knows , the better off you're !! 

      Guess he didn't read , Do's / Don't , when winning the lottery . 

      Ready To Win ....

        * In hot pursuit of $ *
        White Shores- California
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        December 12, 2012
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        The ticket was purchased in Los Angeles County. In South El Monte.

         Good Luck with 444.

        ..that’s because it’s close to a large body of... l keep telling you to leave the dust bowl, but will you listen..no! Disapprove

         * Voice of Reason *   

        * People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it- George Bernard Shaw.

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          January 16, 2016
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          Guess some of you, as usual, Did NOT bother reading the entire story or perhaps you can't Read?

          Second paragraph from the end SAYS: He chose the CASH After taxes and will receive $4,245,009.!

          He also said he has no plans to move they like their home and may buy a few things later, so i doubt he QUIT HIS JOB! 

          He was raised by a single mother and has four brothers, they are a very close family and he plans to share with them.

          I don't know why so many on here ASSume to know what is best for OTHERS or know what they should and should not do! Armchair Quarterbacks!

          If you could predict the Future then you would Know the Winning numbers coming up and would have already Won Many Big Jackpots on all the Lotteries!!!!!!


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            September 30, 2005
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            Congrats to the Winner🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

            Be persistent😊