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California lottery closes office after Sacramento employee tests positive for coronavirus

Mar 29, 2020, 7:45 pm

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California LotteryCalifornia Lottery: California lottery closes office after Sacramento employee tests positive for coronavirusRating:

The California Lottery has closed its Sacramento office to employees after one of them tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a staff email the lottery sent on Friday night.

The email said an employee of the district was tested "earlier this month" and received a positive test result for COVID-19 on Friday.

The employee has not been to the Sacramento district office since the first week of March, according to the email.

The Lottery closed all nine of its district offices to the public on March 18 due to the outbreak, but employees have continued going in for work. The Sacramento District Office is now closed to everyone while it undergoes cleaning, which should happen within 72 hours, according to the Lottery email.

The email tells workers they might have been exposed to the virus, and directs them to contact a local public health department for guidance.

The lottery has nine district offices where people can get help claiming large prizes. While they are closed, players may claim prizes by mail, according to lottery spokesman Jorge DeLaCruz.

The eight offices outside Sacramento will remain closed to the public but open to employees, DeLaCruz said.

"We continue to operate to meet our mission, but out of an abundance of caution and to protect our staff's health, we have closed the Sacramento district office to all staff until it can be cleaned and sanitized," he said in an email.

The lottery is the latest California government department to close offices as part of its virus response. The Department of Motor Vehicles announced this week that it was closing all its district offices until April 1 and working to move more services online.

Caltrans and the California Public Employees' Retirement System each closed offices temporarily for cleaning early last week.

Departments have been expanding telework agreements as part of their response. By the end of last week, most of CalPERS' 2,800 employees were working from home, CEO Marcie Frost said.

At other departments, particularly those with public safety roles, many workers don't have teleworking options. The state corrections department is among those.

Sacramento Bee

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* In hot pursuit of $ *
White Shores- California
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December 12, 2012
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classic reaction abandon thread GIF... Waiting to hear the shoe drop in other Lottery offices nationwide. Be prepared!

 * Voice of Reason *   

* The Truth Hurts *

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    I commend the California Lottery for making the right call. This virus is serious business. 

     We are all in this together. Nationwide and Worldwide. 

     "We are all in this together!"