Loto-Québec IT technician accused of stealing thousands from customer accounts

Jul 10, 2021, 2:50 pm (9 comments)


By Kate Northrop

After a year-long investigation, a former employee at Loto-Québec was accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from customer accounts that were supposedly inactive.

Martin Raymond, 37, a former systems analyst who worked at an online gambling call center at Loto-Québec, was accused Wednesday of stealing funds from customer accounts he deemed inactive.

He stole over $20,000 (US$16,000) from about 30 customer gaming accounts in over a few months between the winter and summer of 2020.

To participate in the Lottery's online gaming platform, players must create an account and provide personal information. The IT technician reportedly targeted accounts that were left inactive for an undetermined amount of time, which would have theoretically allowed him to embezzle funds without being noticed.

However, he was foiled by Loto-Québec's own internal security services that detected the suspicious activity, the Lottery said.

"The various control mechanisms and verification systems in place at Loto-Québec have made it possible to identify certain irregularities," Loto-Québec Head of Public Affairs Marisol Schnorr explained. "The police department was immediately contacted."

Québec's anti-corruption and financial crimes unit (UPAC) conducted an investigation into the employee's fraudulent activity. Court documents show that police obtained a warrant to enter his home in August 2020. One day later, the criminal behavior stopped. He was employed by the Loto-Québec up until May 2020 and worked for the Lottery for less than a year, files state.

The investigation led to formal charges against him, including fraud over $5,000 against a player, fraud over $5,000 against Loto-Québec, breach of trust by a public officer, unauthorized use of a computer, and possession of personal information for criminal purposes.

Raymond also has one count of fraud over $5,000 against an individual recorded in his file for events that occurred separately between 2017 and 2020.

The accused analyst did not appear at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse to hear the charges filed against him and was instead represented by his lawyer, Christine Brosseau.

"We have no comment," she told La Presse when questioned about the charges against Raymond.

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Mata Garbo

Police obtained a warrant to enter his home. One day later the criminal behavior stopped. Gee, I wonder why? 20 grand does not seem like it's enough to ruin your job and probably your life. This guy outsmarted himself.

Agree with stupid

GreyGreen's avatarGreyGreen

L'attrait de l'argent facile


Nikkicute's avatarNikkicute

Another inside job!!No No Thought online lotto would be safer, guess not in some cases!

sully16's avatarsully16

Yikes, I hope he doesn't try to say it was just family sharing with him. Wink

If found guilty I hope he pays restitution and goes to jail.Hyper

Stat$talker's avatarStat$talker

Well, Thank Goodness the online Lottery Company had checks & Balances in place to catch such illicit activities..The suspect should be barred from ever holding such a job again, ..that's if he ever gets outta jail..

But, this is what happens when you let the Fox guard the Hen house..!! People wanting jobs that have access to customers personal info should undergo extensive background checks, before being hired for such sensitive positions..IMO

Having a Criminal record revealed, will keep common crooks out of those kinda jobs..!!

Now the question is... who's watching MUSL?...for way larger amounts of money's involved..


Keep retail strong.


Quote: Originally posted by Nikkicute on Jul 10, 2021

Another inside job!!No No Thought online lotto would be safer, guess not in some cases!

Don Henley baby :)


Electronic paper trail.   Love it and whomever wrote that program is to be commended.  He thought, as I too, that someone didn't play for an extended period of time so will play for them and nobody will notice. 

MUSL here probably instituted more safeguards after the fox in the hen house ripped them off royally in several states.  Tipton had his hand in the till, knew all the ins and outs and almost made out like a bandit!


Once again, greed got the best of them!

MillionsWanted's avatarMillionsWanted

He must have been desperate. A system analyst should know well that he would create a digital trail to his bank accounts. He should know the system in and out.

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