Massachusetts cancer survivor to help his two daughters with $1 million lottery prize

Dec 20, 2021, 3:22 pm (3 comments)

Massachusetts Lottery

Winner to splurge on a few nice items after well-deserved payday

By Kate Northrop

IPSWICH, Mass. — A cancer survivor who won a $1 million prize in the Massachusetts Lottery is ready to check off a couple big-ticket items on his holiday wish list.

Craig Bruce is ready to splurge on some shiny new toys for himself with his well-earned $1 million prize, but not before helping out his two daughters.

On Nov. 29, the Ipswich resident took a chance on a $30 "Diamond Millions" scratch-off ticket, and he sure glad he did. That one ticket turned out to hold one of the 80 available top prizes of $1 million in the game.

Bruce, who has been a truck driver for 37 years, knows exactly how he plans on using a portion of the winnings. He'll buy a brand-new pick-up truck, a boat and then some snowmobiles to boot. Importantly, he says he wants to help out his two daughters.

The winner picked out the lucky "Diamond Millions" ticket at Ipswich Bottle Shop on High Street in Ipswich, which will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the top-prize winning ticket.

He was presented with a check for the lump sum option of $710,000 when he visited the Lottery to claim his prize.

With Bruce's check safely in his hands, there are now 15 top prizes of $1 million remaining in the game, as well as 17 out of 120 second-tier prizes of $20,000 and 113 out of 700 third-tier prizes of $3,000 left to win. The "Diamond Millions" instant game launched in April 2019.

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rcbbuckeye's avatarrcbbuckeye

Very nice story. What caught my eye is the number of top prizes....80! 

Very nice Christmas present for him and his daughters.


The neighbour downstairs on the front side of the house has had cancer. He had surgery and he stopped smoking. Friday night he had a lot of water on his ceiling as our boilers were leaking. He didn't win the lottery and his ceiling looks just awful!

Raven62's avatarRaven62

Party Congrats to the Winner! Party

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