UK couple helps bring grandchildren into world with £1 million lottery prize

Jun 14, 2022, 7:44 pm (2 comments)

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Grandparents' win is both "life changing and life giving"

By Kate Northrop

A UK couple used their £1 million (US$1,219,244) lottery prize to fund their daughter's medical procedures that would help her bring two children into the world.

Claire Pritchard, 39, was struggling to conceive, but a £1 million lottery prize that her parents won made it possible for her to expand her family by two.

Jeff and Davinia Pritchard, who won the life-changing prize in the UK-only EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle in 2015, say that Claire's young children are proof that the lottery has changed their and their daughter's lives in the best way.

"Of everything we've done with our lottery winnings, our two little grandchildren are far and away the best," Davinia, 56, told the Mirror.

Prior to the win, Claire weighed approximately 280 pounds. As obesity reduces the odds of conceiving, she wanted to lose some weight to increase her chances.

Jeff and Davinia pulled out their checkbook to pay for their daughter's private gastric surgery, which successfully helped her lose about 140 pounds. After that, Claire became pregnant with Lille, now two, and Emrys, now 11 months.

"When we won, we wanted to spread the joy to our family, and that's what we've done," Davinia continued.

Davinia also underwent the same gastric sleeve procedure as her daughter after dieting proved difficult to lose weight. The surgery costs about £5,000 (US$6,096).

Both their operations were scheduled for the same day to be done by the same surgeon.

"I was booked in for surgery, and I inquired if they could do Claire as well. We asked if they would do a buy one, get one free deal," Davinia quipped.

Claire announced her pregnancy with Lillie in 2019 on Mother's Day when she put an ultrasound image of the baby in her mother's card, prompting many happy tears.

"We had given up on having children," Claire continued. "We would never have had them if Mum and Dad hadn't won the lottery."

Seven years after winning £1 million in the Lotto, Davinia and Jeff are still living in their converted farmhouse in Carmarthenshire. However, they did indulge themselves on a new Audi Q5 in champagne gold, and Jeff, 58, quit his job as a manager at a construction firm to become a honey producer.

In addition to Lillie and Emrys, they have five other grandchildren.

"Jeff and Davinia have really made the most of their win, which has not only enabled them to transform their own lives, but also the lives of their nearest and dearest," the National Lottery Senior Winners' Advisor Andy Carter told the Mirror. "We have supported them from the first moment they realized they had won, and they have always maintained that having seven grandchildren is the best part of their life."

"Many of our winners enjoy being able to give to and treat others, and Jeff and Davinia are no different — their win has been both life changing and life giving," Carter finished.

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