Arkansas Lottery to debut new Lotto draw game

Sep 14, 2022, 10:40 am (5 comments)

Arkansas Lottery

First new in-state draw game since 2012

By Kate Northrop

Yesterday the Arkansas Lottery officially announced the introduction of its newest draw game, Lotto.

Next week, lottery players in Arkansas will have a new in-state game to try out, one that features a starting jackpot of $250,000.

It's the first addition of a new game since the Lottery brought Lucky for Life into the fold in January 2015. Before that, the Natural State Jackpot launched in August 2012.

"We are extremely excited to offer Lotto to the people of Arkansas," Lottery Executive Director Eric Hagler said in a press release on Tuesday. "Our research indicated that Arkansas players wanted a game with higher starting jackpots that was exclusive to our state, and that's exactly what we're giving them."

Hagler acknowledged that a game with a six-figure jackpot could be motivating for players, especially since many felt that a win of that value could be life-changing.

The Executive Director is also hopeful that the game will in turn create millionaires each year and will serve as a reliable source for generating more funding for scholarships via draw game sales.

To play Lotto, players choose six numbers from 1 to 40, and can win the jackpot by matching all six.  Additional lower-tier prizes can be won by matching fewer numbers.

Also, a bonus number will be drawn from the same pool of 40 numbers at the same time as the main six numbers, and can be used to match other lower-tier prizes. (See below for a full prize and odds breakdown.)

"It gives players who have matched five, four or three of the six main numbers a chance to win an even better prize," the Lottery said. "For example, if a player matches five main numbers plus the Bonus Number, he wins $25,000."

The starting jackpot of $250,000 will increase based on game sales and resets back to the starting amount when the jackpot is won.

Players will be able to purchase Lotto tickets beginning Sun., Sept 18 for the first drawing to be held on Wed., Sept. 21. Each play costs $2, and drawings will take place at 9:00 pm CT on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Both winning and non-winning Lotto tickets may be entered in The Club for Points for Prizes.

Lotto prizes and odds

  • Match all six numbers to win the jackpot (1 in 3,838,380 odds)
  • Match five numbers plus the bonus to win $25,000 (1 in 639,730 odds)
  • Match five numbers to win $1,500 (1 in 19,386 odds)
  • Match four numbers plus the bonus to win $500 (1 in 7,754 odds)
  • Match four numbers to win $25 (1 in 485 odds)
  • Match three numbers plus the bonus to win $10 (1 in 364 odds)
  • Match three numbers to win $2 (1 in 35 odds)
  • Match two numbers plus the bonus to win $3 (1 in 47 odds)

Lottery Post Staff



Initially was somewhat excited for this until I read you have to match SEVEN numbers for the big jackpot; sounds like some overseas lotteries I follow.

Also is it RNG??

Todd's avatarTodd

Quote: Originally posted by Bleudog101 on Sep 14, 2022

Initially was somewhat excited for this until I read you have to match SEVEN numbers for the big jackpot; sounds like some overseas lotteries I follow.

Also is it RNG??

I have re-worded the prize description and included the full set of available prizes at the end. You match 6 numbers for the jackpot.  Hopefully now the description in the story is clear on that.

I would fully expect it to be RNG, since all of the Arkansas games are currently RNG.


Do any of you Alaskans play Canadian Provincial Lotteries?

Stat$talker's avatarStat$talker

People shouldn't play it to express their discontent of RNG being used,.. as well as the 'Least Chosen" software that ALL States are using..This Industry is getting WAAAAY outta hand..


If it weren't for that antiquated 1961 law prohibiting purchases across state lines I'd have subscriptions to both the VA and GA lottery since their games are not RNG (yet).

With you on what I call voting with your wallet/pocketbook.   Play less and less RNG games in Kentucky and won't ask them to go back to pre-pandemic mechanical ball drawings again.

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