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Limited-edition "Jaws" scratch-off lottery tickets coming soon to Massachusetts
Celebrates 50th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's classic movie By Todd Northrop The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission is making waves by announcing a limited-edition scratch-off lottery game inspired by the iconic movie Jaws. Set to launch on March 26, the new game offers players a chance to win big while reliving the suspense of the classic film. Jaws scratch tickets will be priced at $10 each. When players scratch off the ticket, they have the opportunity to win up to $1
Mar 1, 2024, 7:23 am - Lottery News

New $50 Massachusetts Lottery ticket offers "unprecedented" top prize of $1 million a year for life
Another huge prize-bearing game one year after the launch of the state's first $50 ticket Includes video report By Kate Northrop The Massachusetts Lottery released a new $50 scratch-off ticket that boasts an unprecedented top prize of $1 million a year for life. The new $50 scratch-off ticket from the Massachusetts Lottery, which offers a prize that is sure to keep anyone comfortable for the rest of their life, is certainly the first of its kind for that price point. Ticket r
Feb 7, 2024, 11:41 am - Lottery News

Ontario Lottery launches a new type of instant ticket
Canadian lottery combines draw game and scratch-off tickets to make something different By Kate Northrop The Ontario Lottery (OLG) launched a new type of instant draw game, in which the draw has already been conducted and players must go on the hunt to find one of the winning tickets. Ontario lottery players now have access to a type of instant game that is being promoted as first-of-its-kind for the way it incorporates both a draw game and scratch-off ticket. On Tuesday, OLG ann
Jan 15, 2024, 8:00 am - Lottery News

Connecticut Lottery launches its first $50 scratch-off ticket
New game features best overall odds at winning any prize By Kate Northrop The Connecticut Lottery announced the launch of its first $50 scratch-off ticket ever, with the best overall odds of winning any prize in its game repertoire. Lottery players in Connecticut can now try their luck with the Connecticut Lottery's new $50 scratch-off game, the most expensive ticket offered in the state. Previously, ticket prices for instant games in Connecticut ranged from $1 to $30, but that h
Dec 14, 2023, 7:46 am - Lottery News

Washington Lottery to begin offering Cash Pop game
Washington becomes the latest state to offer draw game By Kate Northrop The Washington Lottery will become the latest lottery to launch Cash Pop, a draw game that has seen a rise in popularity among other states within the past couple years. Cash Pop is making its way into Washington, to be available later this month for players to try out. Washington's Lottery's Cash Pop will operate just like versions of the game drawn in other states, with one exception. Before Washington,
Oct 16, 2023, 1:20 pm - Lottery News

North Carolina Lottery approves online instant games
Additions to digital lottery games and sports betting sweeping the state By Kate Northrop The North Carolina Lottery has officially approved online instant games, to go into effect later this year. On Tuesday evening, the North Carolina Education Lottery Commission voted to expand its game repertoire by starting to offer digital instant games online. North Carolina lottery players may start to see new online lottery games beginning this fall or as early as Nov. 15, 2023. Inst
Aug 19, 2023, 5:22 pm - Lottery News

Iowa Lottery to add Double Play add-on feature to Powerball
Iowa players will have access to additional Powerball Double Play drawing By Kate Northrop The Iowa Lottery has announced that it has approved a plan to allow players to add the Double Play add-on feature to their Powerball tickets. There are plans in the works to add the Double Play feature to Powerball in Iowa, an add-on that has gained popularity in other states since it was launched last August . Speaking on Radio Iowa, Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer explained the logisti
Aug 17, 2023, 4:10 pm - Lottery News

New scratch-off game from Florida Lottery offers $250,000 a year for life top prize
New games offer more than $2 billion in total cash prizes, Lottery says By Kate Northrop The Florida Lottery released a new Year for Life family of scratch-off games, with the highest price point ticket featuring a $250,000 a year for life top prize. As of today, Florida lottery players can pick out a ticket from the Florida Lottery's latest Year for Life family of instant games, with varying annual top prizes at different price points. There are a total of four different games a
Jul 3, 2023, 7:15 pm - Lottery News

Virginia Lottery launches new Pick 5 draw game
Fireball option returns By Kate Northrop Today, the Virginia Lottery launched its latest draw game Pick 5. Virginia residents can pick up tickets for the Lottery's newest game starting today for a chance to win a prize of up to $50,000. The popular game, like Pick 3 and Pick 4 in the Lottery's repertoire, also features the Fireball add-on, which gives players another chance to win by creating additional number combinations. This is also the first game the Virginia Lottery has eve
Jun 5, 2023, 2:07 pm - Lottery News

Hoosier Lottery to launch new Cash Pop game
Indiana players will soon be able to try out the trending draw game By Kate Northrop The Hoosier Lottery announced yesterday that it will be adding Cash Pop to its portfolio of draw games. Next week, Indiana residents will be able to try their hand at a new locally drawn game offered by the Hoosier Lottery. The Hoosier Lottery's Cash Pop game will operate just like versions of the game drawn in other states. Before Indiana, the latest state to add Cash Pop to its repertoire w
Apr 20, 2023, 7:21 am - Lottery News

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