Washington Lottery to begin offering Cash Pop game

Oct 16, 2023, 1:20 pm (1 comment)

Washington Lottery

Washington becomes the latest state to offer draw game

By Kate Northrop

The Washington Lottery will become the latest lottery to launch Cash Pop, a draw game that has seen a rise in popularity among other states within the past couple years.

Cash Pop is making its way into Washington, to be available later this month for players to try out.

Washington's Lottery's Cash Pop will operate just like versions of the game drawn in other states, with one exception.

Before Washington, the latest state to add Cash Pop to its repertoire was Indiana (Hoosier Lottery) in April of this year.

Other states with their own version of Cash Pop include Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Viriginia, West Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Georgia. (In West Virginia, Kentucky, and New Jersey, the game is offered in a "Quick Draw" format in which drawings occur every few minutes.)

The main difference between Washington's Cash Pop and other states' versions of the game is the choice of a wager amount. Normally, players can pick a wager ranging from $1, $2, $5, to $10 per number played. In Washington, players may only wager $5 per number, also called a "POP."

Players then select one or more "POPs" between 1 and 15, up to 15 "POPs" per ticket. Once the ticket is printed, a prize amount ranging from $25 to $500 is printed underneath each "POP." Should the player's selected "POP(s)" match the ones printed on the ticket, they will win the designated prize.

Cash Pop drawings will take place every night at 8:00 pm PST. Ticket sales are cut off every night at 7:45 pm and resume at 7:46 pm PST. Players may buy a ticket for up to five consecutive drawings, and each draw selected will print on a separate ticket.

Players may select their own numbers by filling out a play slip or by using a vending machine. Alternatively, you may select the Quick Pick option to have the system randomly generate numbers for you.

The Washington Lottery's Cash Pop game launches on Mon., Oct. 23.

All Cash Pop winning numbers, prizes, and odds will be published on Lottery Post's Washington Lottery Results page right after each drawing.

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