German man wins €10 million, immediately dumps girlfriend and buys Ferrari

Nov 15, 2022, 3:04 pm (28 comments)


By Kate Northrop

A German man did not hesitate to splurge on his €10 million (US$10.4 million) windfall in the lottery, buying a brand-new sportscar and subsequently dumping his girlfriend.

A former girlfriend of a German lottery winner who took home a €10 million prize said that the prize drastically "changed" him as a person.

Kursat "Chico" Yildirim, 42, of Dortmund, Germany, was emboldened by his multi-million lottery win to make some significant life-altering decisions — one of them consisting of a brand-new Ferrari he bought himself for his birthday at €449,618 (US$463,470).

His anonymous ex-girlfriend, 50, was shocked to find out that one of these changes included the termination of their relationship, which she previously felt was only growing stronger since May.

"It's unbelievable how money has changed him," she said to local media. "Chico just called me 'my darling.' We always held hands. He called me and screamed, 'Honey, I'm rich, I'll buy you everything!'"

It then became apparent to her that their relationship had become something along the lines of transactional.

"Later he said he never loved me but wanted to pay me money so I would keep being his girlfriend," she revealed.

She then swore she never wanted to see the lottery winner ever again.

However, Yildirim tried to explain the circumstances, admitting that there was meaningful substance to the relationship despite wanting to move on.

"She's a special woman to me, she's really always been there for me," he reasoned. "But I fell in love with her humanity and warmth, not with her as a woman, I told her so openly."

His former girlfriend bit back by saying it is a "shame that he denies" the two were in a serious relationship.

Prior to winning the lottery, Yildirim was a recovered drug addict and convicted robber. He quit his job as a crane operator at a steel plant once he came into his fortune and was adamant about treating himself to a few luxuries with the money.

"Finally, I can pick up my brand-new Ferrari," he said after the win. "Then I'll invite my best friends to our favorite steak restaurant. And it seems as if I'm about to become the new owner of a fantastic penthouse on the hills of Istanbul. For me, this would be a dream come true."

The motivation for buying the expensive sports car partially came from "all the envious people" jealous of his prize.

Although he was written off by his former flame, Yildirim says that he has garnered a lot of support from other locals and friends.

"Many members of our local Turkish community now consider me a hero," he contended. "I've done a lot of bad things. I've been at the very bottom. Today I'm so sorry about all of that."

Yildirim was previously released early from a 27-month prison sentence for fraud and robbery, which he acknowledged in a description of his upbringing.

"I've always been the misfit of my family," he explained. "So many people have written me off. They said I'm done."

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Lottery Post Staff



He did her a favor and  sounds like a real jerk .  Never mentions paying back everyone he took from.  I hope his next girlfriend takes him for everything.


How strange a few hours ago was thinking of David Edwards, KY Powerball winner and how he got up on the pedestal and said he has changed.   He didn't.   Somehow this character reminds me of him.


I see the headline now   'Kurdot ist tot'.


On another subject had anyone besides me noticed the difference on the Powerball webpage?  Right after the $2B jackpot the Total Winners section has disappeared.

Mata Garbo

Let me get this straight.........."Chico" went out and spent 449,618 Euros on an expensive sports car just because he thought other people were jealous of him?? When you start inviting a bunch of "friends" to your new home and exhibiting flashy behavior with your winnings, you are inviting the wolves and the con-men to come after you. Sometime in the next few years I expect to see a video from Kate revealing how this guy blew thru all of his money in a very short time. As everyone does not really change you, it just reveals to the rest of the world who you really are. Good luck "Chico."


Artist77's avatarArtist77

When he blows through all that money, he will be begging her to take him back. She needs to move on to a better class of men.

He will be "buying" some massage "girl" who will take his money.

sully16's avatarsully16

Another 💩 head.

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

I've no doubt his 'nachruf' will prove most interesting

wander73's avatarwander73

I don't believe the story.   Need more info.  This woman who is 50,  something is weird.  If the person is faithful  I am not ditching her,   I am running a reselling empire and she is the model for different things.  Hell with the car.

wander73's avatarwander73

Quote: Originally posted by Artist77 on Nov 15, 2022

When he blows through all that money, he will be begging her to take him back. She needs to move on to a better class of men.

He will be "buying" some massage "girl" who will take his money.

I don't believe this story one bit.

wander73's avatarwander73

Quote: Originally posted by sully16 on Nov 15, 2022

Another 💩 head.

But is there anything about the woman.   Like in my comment I would build a reselling empire and she could model.  screw the car.

CajunWin4's avatarCajunWin4

A fool and his money is soon parted!

Another Broke Lottery Winner in 6 to 8 months ..

wander73's avatarwander73

Out of this story,   and the wordings  has 14 potential numbers

wander73's avatarwander73

Honestly, anyone can put that pic up.   they said the ex girlfriend is anonymous .   That is another clue.


I guess for a guy who walks around carrying a woman's handbag strapped over his shoulder, this is how you do it.😏

Artist77's avatarArtist77

I thought it was a woman at first in the photo. That is a coat for a woman as well. I have a similar one.

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