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Pensioner woozy after near-win lottery saga

Aug 20, 2003, 3:21 am

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Italy Lottery (Italia)Italy Lottery (Italia): Pensioner woozy after near-win lottery saga

An Italian pensioner felt faint and had to be taken to hospital when he realised he had forgotten to hand in a lottery ticket that could have won him €66-million (US$73.4 million).

He was so busy organising his daughter's wedding that he forgot to take his slip to the lottery office when Europe's biggest-ever jackpot was up for grabs last week.

When he realised he had guessed the correct six-figure number, he felt faint and had to be admitted to a hospital near Rome, Italian news agencies said on Tuesday. He was discharged two hours later.

The actual winning ticket for Italy's Super Enalotto, whose jackpot had been rolled over for six months, was bought just outside Milan. The lucky punter remains anonymous.


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He should have played early and often.