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Laval Resident Claims Loto-Québec's Largest Jackpot Ever

Loto-QuébecLoto-Québec: Laval Resident Claims Loto-Québec's Largest Jackpot Ever

The sole winner of the $25,418,690 jackpot in the October 3rd Super 7 draw, Québec's newest multimillionaire, Mr. Robert Fournier, has also earned the enviable distinction of being the province's largest lottery winner ever.

While Mr. Fournier regularly purchases one or two tickets per draw, the bonus prizes offered by Super 7 over the past few weeks, and particularly the $25 million jackpot, motivated him to increase his wagers for the last draw.  It turned out to be a move that paid off to say the least, as one of his $2 tickets ended up being the big winner.

Mr. Fournier happened to be watching the announcement of the results on the TVA network when his numbers flashed across the screen.  "It was Colette (Provencher) who actually informed me that I was a winner," recalls Mr. Fournier with a broad smile.  Thanks to his newfound riches, he can now purchase the outfitting camp of his dreams, where he can practice his true passions - hunting and fishing - to his heart's delight.

Still somewhat in a state of shock, the lucky winner has understandably been having a bit of trouble sleeping over the past few days and admits that he will need some time to get accustomed to his new status as a multimillionaire.  When receiving his cheque, he was flanked by Loto-Québec President of Lottery Operations, Mr. Robert Ayotte, and TV host Yves Corbeil.

Robert Fournier with Robert Ayotte, Loto-Québec President of Lottery Operations, and TV host Yves Corbeil.

Press Release

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Posted: October 9, 2003, 7:39 am - IP Logged

Super-7 actually was the model for PA Super-6...the Super-7 originally had AUTOMATIC quick picks for two of the three sets (per Cdn$2) until they wised up and permitted players to choose all their numbers.

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    They left an important part