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'Enough,' Bredesen warns lottery chief

Oct 18, 2003, 1:53 pm

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Tennessee LotteryTennessee Lottery: 'Enough,' Bredesen warns lottery chief

Hire homegrown, lower-paid people, governor suggests

Gov. Phil Bredesen says he wants Tennessee lottery chief Rebecca Paul to stop stacking her staff with former employees from the Georgia lottery and paying out top-dollar salaries.

"I honestly think we have enough Georgians now and we have enough high-salary people, and I'm anxious to get on with the business of building this lottery," Bredesen told reporters yesterday.

"We've accommodated what she wanted, but enough is enough."

Paul has so far hired five executives, including two who worked for her when she was head of the Georgia lottery. Three on the staff are making $180,000 each, plus yet-un-specified incentive bonuses.

Because of the nature of a lottery start-up, more out-of-state lottery executives, such as a vice president of security, might still be hired, said Will Pinkston, lottery vice president for corporate affairs.

"In certain jobs, it's important to have previous lottery experience. But the vast majority of employees in the organization definitely will be Tennesseans," Pinkston said.

Bredesen credited Paul as "the best lottery manager in the United States" and said, "I think we have given her enormous deference in putting together her team."

As governor, Bredesen appoints the seven-member lottery board but otherwise does not control the lottery.

"I don't want the whole top management being people I don't know, who don't have roots in Tennessee, who, for all I know, might go off with Rebecca Paul five years from now to some other lottery," he said.

"I really would like some solid people from here."

Paul plans to hire 250-300 lottery employees, but she has not said how many people will serve as her senior staff, what remaining senior positions she plans to fill or what their salaries will be.

The salaries "you will see from this point out generally will be lower numbers than what you've seen so far," Pinkston said.

Paul is looking for a management team with "the best possible mix" of lottery experience and an understanding of Tennessee and its marketplace, Pinkston said.

The governor said he supported state Treasurer Steve Adams' move to the lottery. As governor, it will be up to Bredesen to appoint an interim state treasurer until the General Assembly convenes next year to elect one.

Bredesen plans to fill the position early next week.


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9 comments. Last comment 18 years ago by konane.
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United States
Member #1505
May 13, 2003
95 Posts

its  not her money

    Littleoldlady's avatar - basket
    United States
    Member #487
    July 15, 2002
    17638 Posts

    I think she should stop doing that too.  It seems as if she is picking her friends to fill those top jobs as if there is no one in Tennessee with those qualifications.  We need someone in case she decides to jump ship again.  I hope she doesn't think that Tennesseans are dumb...far from it..That is one thing I have never liked..since she is going to get a good salary, she is moving all of her friends here as if this is a big gravy train...She had better ask someone..Gov. Bredesen  is ALL BUSINESS!! The moment he knows she is not doing her job, her butt is GONE!

    If you know your number is going to hit, have patience and then KILL IT!

    You never know when you will get another hit.


      United States
      Member #1505
      May 13, 2003
      95 Posts

      she need her friends to cover the lotto games fraud                        that exist everywere


        United States
        Member #434
        June 30, 2002
        675 Posts

        Why should this surprise anyone? This happens all the time in alot of other industries. $180K is pretty steep though. Makes you wonder what you have to do to become a lottery exec.

          mken35's avatar - starwars06

          United States
          Member #1809
          July 7, 2003
          84 Posts

          She running a very tense&


            United States
            Member #1505
            May 13, 2003
            95 Posts

            money has to go back t

              Rick G's avatar - avatar 1766.jpg
              FEMA Region V Camp #21
              United States
              Member #520
              July 27, 2002
              5699 Posts

              Sounds like the GA players were right about her.


              Posted 4/6:  IL Pick 3 midday and evening until they hit:  555, 347 (str8).

                vincejr's avatar - wallace
                Somewhere in VA
                United States
                Member #1944
                July 29, 2003
                130 Posts

                Look guys, while Gov. Breed

                  konane's avatar - wallace
                  Atlanta, GA
                  United States
                  Member #1265
                  March 13, 2003
                  6794 Posts

                  You all may want to check out this article in the Tennessean today which is critical of Rebecca Paul's overstated "accomplishments" regarding the GA lottery.  It also states that while ticket sales rose, monies to fund education did not rise at the same percentage sales did, and alluded to the fact that expenses were too high. (Remember all those slick TV ads they don't give away??????)  Also other lottery directors were saying that other states ran their lotteries for less, salaries were not as high as we were paying and there was more left to work with after expenses. 

                  Site loads very slowly, however is highly worth the read.