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Ohio man wins lottery twice

Feb 4, 2004, 6:33 am

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Ohio LotteryOhio Lottery: Ohio man wins lottery twice

Bob Woerner of Zanesville, Ohio is counting his blessings -- all $200,000 worth.  Woerner won the Dec. 18 drawing of the Buckeye Five with two different tickets bought at two different stores.

After the mandatory federal and state tax withholdings totaling 28.5 percent, Woerner received two checks, each for $71,500.

Some of the money has been used to buy a new truck and to pay off his house along with other bills.

"It made for a nice Christmas," Woerner said. "I gave some money to Children's Hospital, some local fire departments and Big Brothers and Big Sisters."

Woerner purchased one of the winning tickets from Mother Tucker's, 1132 Sharon Avenue. The other winning ticket was purchased at Mac 'N' Turf's, 2759 Maysville Pick. Both stores receive a $500 bonus from the Ohio Lottery.

"It is unusual," said Marie Kilbane-Suckers, Ohio Lottery communications officer. "We have had a handful of people who have won twice."

Zanesville stores have also sold winning lottery tickets last July and October.

"In general the volume of winners reflect the volume of sales," Kilbane-Suckers said.

The winning numbers were 3-8-10-14-29. Woerner picked his own numbers and said that he had been playing the same set of numbers for years. He still plays the lottery occasionally, sometimes playing his winner numbers.

Zanesville Times Recorder

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