Two former workers win suit against Kentucky lottery

Feb 18, 2004, 5:21 am (7 comments)

Kentucky Lottery

A Jefferson Circuit Court jury has awarded $2.8 million to two former Kentucky Lottery employees who claimed they endured racial discrimination on the job.

Penny Diamond, the plaintiffs' attorney, said Ursella Riles and James Maddox claimed they were excluded from meetings and subjected to racial harassment while working in the lottery's marketing department.

The jury returned the verdict Monday night after a two-week trial.

Maddox was awarded $1.5million and Riles $1.3million.

In a statement, the Kentucky Lottery defended its record of hiring minorities and said it will meet with attorneys to discuss an appeal.

"We pride ourselves on treating our employees fairly," the statement said. "We disagree with the verdict that's been handed down, knowing that the Kentucky Lottery Corporation is an excellent place to work for individuals of all races, creeds and colors."

Riles began working for the lottery in 1989 and resigned in March 1998.

Maddox worked from April to December 1998 and was fired after complaining about the discrimination, Diamond said.

Diamond said a stream of witnesses testified that Riles and Maddox were subjected to racial epithets and left out of meetings.

In December 2002, a Paducah couple were awarded $4.3million in a lawsuit claiming they were wrongfully fired by the lottery because of disability discrimination.


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Paid 2 Lotto's avatarPaid 2 Lotto

I am sorry, but I have to say this!

I do not mean to offend americans, but do you really think this is OK?
You can go to a court with any bullsh*t and you have a fair chance to become a millionaire overnight.

I agree that all people should be treated fairly, but how long would it take to those guys to earn $1.5 million in that company? Whole life? I am not sure if they would stay there whole life.

I am really sorry if I have just touched you, but this is stupid..America was a pride of democracy, but what is happening there comment.


WOW Utterly amazing!!!! I find it funny how people like marian seem to have no compassion to something she has no knowledge about and yet make such a ignorant comment. YOur one of them type of ppl that sit back and let things happen and then when something like that happens to a loved one in your family then you seem to want to become a advocate or start your own lil crusade......if there was a drunk driver that took one of your family members life, i bet you would be the first person in court trying to recover the all mighty dollar......whats amazed me was that the two parties wasnt on TV during their news conference jumping up and down ....i still seen tears in there eyes and felt their pain. where ever your from and what ever country you came from maybe you ought to be VERY thankful that us "americans" can fight and stand up for something that is right. If you dont like it let me know and I will start a foundation to purchase you a airline ticket to where ever you think you count.

"Utterly Amazing"


Well Put  Utterly Amazing. Paid Lotto I think sound like one of the silly actors who make about 6-8 million after all expenses from their 20+ million up paydays and still make statements that taxes should be raised to help with budgets lol. Some people really need to research, a situation before they say someone doesnt deserve all that money. Let someone fired Paid for his religion or enthinicity and he loses his house and cant pay his medical bills. You bet Paid Lotto would be the first trying to get his just do. Too Funny if you ask me. You see unfortunately  these type of people everyday on Jerry Springer. Just glad theyre not  in the majority.


Paid 2 Lotto's avatarPaid 2 Lotto

Well, thank you for replies...I am not saying there should not be law or something...I agree those people should protect themselves going to court, ....BUT!!!!....what I am saying is that Do you think if someone is fired (whatever reason) it is ok to get $1.5mil ???? I don't know..maybe for you it is a small money....what I am saying is that many people go to a court with some bullsh*t and can become rich ... Let me explain....I think that some people are trying to make Mc.Donald's responsible for they become fat !?!?!? And they can win coupl of millions!!!

It was their choice to eat there..everybody knows that those are fat foods...How can they blaim McDonalds??? ..

...or smokers..everybody knows that smoking can cause a cancer..they didn't care and know they want to become rich..I don't know about USA but in my country there is a law that on every cigarette box must be a warning that smoking causes could I go to ask for money??

I agree that there are fair people, but those cases listed above are for fun...and believe me people in Europe are laughing at these things...

I know those laws are right, fair ...but some things are gone to the extreme.


I believe that if someone is wrongfully fired or mistreated wether they are african american or caucasion ......they should recieve some time of compensation for their mistreatment.......The point of the matter is.....Racial discrimination still exists and some of these ppl are being attacked at their work place where they are trying to make a honest living to support their families. I saw the news confenrence with the two idividuals and they were not on TV smiling or celebrating not one bit......I dont think there is no amount of money that can compensate any individual for any time of discrimination or harrassment because of their color, creed or origin.  So if these two folks would of recieved $30 million dollars i bet the folks at the lottery would think twice about not stopping what ever was going on.

Now i do agree, that there are bogus lawsuits and that there are ppl out there who ruine it for others...Just like in any other scenerio there will always be bad apples no matter where you look.

" Do you think if someone is fired (whatever reason) it is ok to get $1.5mil ???? I don't know."??? <----Hmmm lets think about this for a split second...DO you think if America didnt let you talk in our country it would be right? Do you think if you was injured because of someone elses careless act, That you should be compensated?  Here in America we as american have rights and laws....some of the laws may not make sense but as america as a whole ......we came a long way to treat ppl accordingly no matter what color or decent that person may be. $1.5 million isnt nothing these days .......I dont know if you ever heard of TAX but ........these two folks might actually walk away with $200,000 after its all said and done.......But better yet .....Maybe you might want to call these folks and ask them what happened to them and you might have a whole different oppinion....

FYI......I came across this forum through a search i was doing on this story.........I dont spend alot of my time on LOttery forums or websites making comments. Ijust happen to read yours and wanted to TRY to clarify why sometimes America is the best place to be in the just dont have a clue.



I think thats where the problem is .......People watch to much JERRY JERRY JERRY.........LOL>.......

Paid 2 Lotto's avatarPaid 2 Lotto

Thanks for your opinio

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