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Weather knocks out Texas city's lottery terminals

Jun 23, 2004, 7:08 am

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Texas LotteryTexas Lottery: Weather knocks out Texas city's lottery terminals

Good thing it didn't happen during the weekend.

Two days after Saturday's $145 million Lotto Texas drawing, lottery terminals across Amarillo were shut down Monday.

The culprit? The storm.

Forty to 50 Amarillo retailers had their lottery terminals knocked out when they lost power Monday evening, lottery official Leticia Vasquez said Tuesday.

Getting the machines running again is a simple matter of getting power again, she said.

"We're hoping that by tonight Southwestern Public Service supplies power to these people," Vasquez said.

But the culprit wasn't just lost power - it was also a lost satellite, said officials from Toot'n Totum Food Stores.

All of the company's lottery terminals communicate with the state office via satellite, said David Hudson, projects manager.

And when Amarillo's satellite, located west of the Soncy Road-34th Avenue intersection, was damaged last night, that meant no more lottery.

"The terminals are operated off the satellite," Hudson said. "The satellite was damaged, plus they lost power to it."

Thirty of Toot'n Totum's 50 stores were affected, he said.

As of Tuesday evening, not all stores had their lottery terminals back up and running, he said.

Workers at Allsup's and Taylor's convenience stores reported no problems Tuesday with their lottery terminals.

Amarillo Globe News

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Power(ball) to the people!