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Canadian woodworker carves out lottery win

Sep 3, 2004, 8:36 am

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Canada 6/49Canada 6/49: Canadian woodworker carves out lottery win

Andre Leveille watched Wednesday night as, one after another, the numbers on the television screen matched those on a Lotto 6/49 ticket he bought at a gas station in Mascouche.

"I'm a millionaire!" the Riviere des Prairies resident shouted. But in the next room, his wife, Diane, didn't believe he'd won the $15.75-million top prize.

When Leveille's daughter, Josee, found out, she was so shocked she came over to her parents' house in her pajamas to confirm the good news, Loto-Quebec spokesperson Jean-Pierre Roy said.

Josee's brother, Patrick, also came over and the family waited together to find out how much Leveille had won.

A few hours later, they learned via the Internet that Leveille was the only grand-prize winner among the 11 million tickets sold in Canada.

Leveille didn't hold a grudge about his family's disbelief. He decided to share his windfall with each of them.

The retired woodworker kept $4.5 million, but gave his wife, son and daughter $3.75 million each.

Loto-Quebec officials handed each of them their checks yesterday afternoon.

Until now, Diane held two jobs. She plans to resign from both today - and buy herself a new car.

Josee said she wants to have a second child. She also plans to renovate her house. Patrick, who got married just two months ago, never had a honeymoon. He said he plans to make up for that.

The Gazette

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Bet they don't mind the Cdn$2 per ticket price.